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  1. KIngSparta

    Expedition 4X4 Overland Motorhome Chassis / Platform - Ready for your Conversion

    Fully intact ex-Navy, U.S. Military ARFF / Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Truck I bought this to convert into an expedition overland motorhome trek adventure vehicle but no longer have the ability to do this conversion. It turns heads everywhere it goes and it will go just about anywhere...
  2. nolimitsoverland

    Doors off when overlanding/offroading :)

    Who says you can’t take the doors off when overlanding and off-roading loving my 2020 Jeep JL diesel
  3. CWu21

    My Rubicon EcoDiesel build

    I ordered my Jeep back on 14Oct and took delivery 24 March My upgrade list will grow as I update, for fun my son and I will also be adding more photos of the build and adventures on Instagram (@that_punkn_diesel) if you wish to follow along I welcome any feedback there as well. This build will...
  4. D

    Gas/Diesel Availability

    Hi, I’ve been interested in Overlanding for a bit. I know in North America gas is the predominant go-to type of fuel, but I was wondering, is diesel or gas easier to find in Africa, Europe and Asia. I plan to tour around these continents, and I was wondering what type of fuel is easier to come...
  5. arupp

    2018 Mahindra Roxor Safari Rig

    Initial mock up of the safari cage is done, Rick at Ceeco Racing is doing great work, far exceeding my skills and tools required to do this quality of a job. Im glad I went with him on this project. He has more in store, these are just progress pics. I will be doing some additional work on this...
  6. Buckaroo

    Chinese Diesel Air Heater

    To date I have had installed an Eberspacher 1.7Kw, a mikuni 2Kw and the latest is a chinese no brand 5Kw which is a direct copy of the Eberspacher D4 with chinese controllers. to date, the chinese jobbie has far exceded my expectations considering it's 150 quid price tag. Not only are these...
  7. Ameyryan

    A diesel or not a diesel? That is the question.

    Through discussions on my previous threads, I have narrowed my build down to a truck as opposed to a Subaru Crosstrek or Jeep Wrangler (see Which one?). But here’s my next question... Should I go diesel or not? We intended to purchase a 3/4 ton pickup with the diesel option, most likely GM...
  8. Built By Fluffy

    SOLD Cummins B3.3T Diesel Engine - off the market

    Edit: the engine is now off the market, it's going into a Jeep CJ-5 I originally intended this engine for an overland Jeep Wagoneer build, but unfortunately that's not happening and I have no other plans for it. It's a 2012 Cummins B3.3 turbo diesel I snagged out of a mine transport...
  9. Ta2Doc

    FrankenJeep or "My Last Ever (Maybe) Truck?"

    Thought I'd take a stab at doing a build thread, after reading through so many excellent ones on this and other sites. However, since I'm such a wordy busterd (term coined by my masters program adviser), it's probably not the typical build-thread. Also... as I've discovered, what works on Rig A...
  10. Ta2Doc

    Ta2Doc, Newbster Newbington Reporting for Duty

    Greetings all! Newly registered and joined as a member (no # yet). Grew up in WV in an outdoors family. Camping, hiking, fishing, etc. Now work as an engineer in manufacturing and reliability. Located in Northern KY, but travel frequently. I'm working on my second overlanding vehicle...
  11. kostkafex

    Arroyo Blanco - 2018 GMC Canyon Diesel CCSB

    I purchased this truck new in April 2018. It's my daily driver and the family adventure-mobile. I'm in Texas with family in California so trips back and forth are already being planned. Also, I plan on camping and off-roading mainly in Texas. I've got a wife, a 9-month-old boy, and a little dog...
  12. D

    To Diesel or not to Diesel

    I'm the current happy owner of a Rubicon Unlimited JK and have owned a TJ in the past. I'm keeping close tabs on all of the rumors flying back and forth about a diesel Wrangler coming off the line in 2019. I'd like to pursue some of the major trails (Rubicon, Black Bear Pass, Drummond Island...
  13. Musubie


    The Big C word, and even though all of our vehicles are compromises of some sort, none of us like to own up to it at first. Myself, I drive a Subaru, and I'll be the first to tell you that it is a compromise. I can't clear rock ledges or boulders, I have no low range, and my suspension...
  14. DK_XV

    DK_XV - 2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax Build - Daily Driver/Long Distance Roamer

    I picked up my Colorado in July of this year. I traded in my former camping rig (F350 Dually Diesel with a 10’5 Lance Truck camper) as well as my then daily driver, an off-road modified Subaru Crosstrek for a platform that would make a great daily driving truck for my 120 mi commute as well as...
  15. Old Griz

    Any thoughts on this rig?

    http://www.idahomotorpool.com/pictures/1987_AMGN2.jpg $21,800 2,900 miles Has clean idaho title
  16. M

    2001 Dakota QC Diesel

    Hi all this will be a slow update thread but thought I would start a to compile ideas and get input other than my usual lurk method. The short story is I needed a 4 door truck to haul the family for trips and daily drive for work while getting good fuel mileage. Budget was too tight for a...
  17. Tinker

    "Nanuuq" my Land Rover Discovery 2, ...forever a project!

    Haven't done a build thread on a forum in a loooong time, but here goes. I'll try to catch up the project to the current state. Back in late 2014, after more than a year long search I spotted an unmodified low-mile 2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 a few states away. I'd often pondered about a...
  18. OverlandTheWorld

    SOLD SOLD -1995 Toyota Landcruiser with 4BT Cummins 3.9L Turbo Diesel

    ***SOLD*** For Sale is our thoroughly built 1995 Toyota Landcruiser (80 Series) with a 4BT Cummins 3.9L Turbo Diesel. This is not your average diesel swap and is NOT a project car. Every major system has been gone through before and after our recent successful journey with it to the bottom of...
  19. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Welcome to my F350 build thread, I bought the truck in 07 with 87,00 on it and have slowly building it up to more of a cross country travel vehicle. Current Mods 6" Deaver Springs Front and Rear No Blocks 35-37 Inch Tires, I Cant Decide Which I Like More Bilstein 5150 x 6 17 Position PHP Chip...
  20. William Harris Jenkins

    Jeep WK's

    Lets see how many of us are out there and lets see those RIGS!!!!!