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  1. North40overland

    HAM vs. GMRS - The Great Debate

    My dad and I are split on this. He is an old ham K0AJ and I am a big GMRS guy WRME413 / ATL-699. He says ham is better and that I am just being lazy for not taking the test. I tell him that GMRS is more accessible and all the overlanders I know use it. He says HAM has way more repeaters. I...
  2. North40overland


    SHOWCASE YOUR SUPER CLEAN INSTALL. I worked really hard to do a SUPER CLEAN INSTALL for my Midland MXT 275. It was a pain but I am really happy I put in the extra effort. I even managed to put in a handheld charging station. I am looking to install a Midland DBR2500 and needs some ideas...
  3. TheGreyhound

    Realistic range for FRS and GMRS handhelds?

    So before going full radio command station with my rig, I grabbed some 2watt FRS/GMRS handhelds. They’re fcc certified so all good there. I’m a former general ham but not in many years. took the dog on a walk around the neighborhood to give them a test. 6 blocks away...about 1/4 mile they...
  4. whiskey7backroads

    Reoccurring - Ham Radio Weekly NET - 02/15/2019

    Weekly NET for licensed HAM radio operators. Must have current license to attend and listen View Rally Point Details
  5. whiskey7backroads

    US West Ham Radio Weekly NET

    There will be a weekly NET for all Overland Bound members who have a valid Ham license. This will be on Echolink conference node 357087 (Starlink) every Friday Night at 5:30pm PST. You can also connect thru Allstar HUB Node 41120 DMR TG-3148905 IRLP Reflector 9256View Rally Point
  6. Overland Commander

    Truick Mobile - Retevis RT-95

    What to install? That's the question. After culling through many sources, I decided to go with a ham radio as the installed mobile, backed up with GMRS and CB handhelds. I figure this is the best combination for interoperability with club runs, and functionality in remote areas. I settled on...
  7. Kent R

    Why you need to buy a quality Handheld (Portable) radio.

    There seems to be a constant dialogue on the forum about radio communications and what type of radio to purchase and what platform to get such as CB, FRS, GMRS & Ham. I am a huge proponent of Ham (and secondly GMRS), but that being said, more important to me is the quality of the radio you use...
  8. D

    Trail Communication

    Hello, When your on the trail how do you communicate with each other? Do you use radios (I.e. CB, HAM, Other) or hand signals, vehicle signals, or another form? Do different groups have different methods?
  9. Kevigizmo

    UK Radio Comms

    In UK there are various "bands" which could be used for radio, CB - Citizens Band, is a common one amongst drivers of any vehicle (2x2, 4x4, 6x6 ect) PMR - Professional mobile radio (or known as Personal Mobile Radio), is the next...
  10. cbechtold

    Ham Radios - What's a solid set up?

    So I've been using the BaoFang handhelds for a while, and they work great! Recently I've taken interest to getting more of a permanent set up in the rig. I'm curious to what everyone is running and their experiences. Any advice is great. Thanks!
  11. Mad Garden Gnome

    Summits On The Air

    Some one asked me what SOTA is, so I did a brief description. I thought I would expand it a bit here, as it could tie into Overlanding, IMO. Summits On The Air Website Governmental Geological Surveys have qualifying parameters of what a summit is. As summiting is an activity, so is operating...
  12. A

    OB Approved Baofeng radio configuration and methods

    Hi guys, I know a lot of you may have (or be interested in picking up) a Baofeng handheld radio such as the UV-5R for cheap effective/quality FM voice communications, but may not totally understand what they're capable of, the radio services they can support, or how to properly configure them...
  13. TRL EATR

    Ham Radio License Experience

    Ok, after joining the OB community at Off the Grid 2016 I realized I needed more than just a CB radio. There were multiple methods of comms going on that day and at least having a handheld ham radio, I could at least listen to the other half of the groups comms. I was able to relay some...
  14. ce4460

    Vehicle ID

    It may have been done before, and/or suggested by someone else, but I first read the suggestion in a forum by Northern_XS. My member number is attached in reflective numbers on the front windshield (as shown) and in black letters on the rear tailgate. The intention is to make radio...
  15. Laughing Otter

    Communications Gear & Thieves

    Hello all... So, in my Rover I use several forms of communications Gear...My most basic is my CB radio. When I first outfitted the Rover I was running a Galaxy 99v 10 meter lasted 3 months before a thief smashed my drivers side window and took it... Next up, was a tweaked, tuned...