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  1. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest MEGs #4 Roman Nose Meet Eat Greet and Sleep

    Come for a meet and greet! Stay for the night. Roman nose is an easy drive that all rigs can make it to. There are more difficult tracks to the top if you want. Super family friendly camping. The camp is near the lower of three lakes and there is a loop trail that will take you to 2...
  2. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Late Spring Adventure Overland Show

    Its been a long time coming but here it is! The Show we have all been looking forward to. This show is as much about the social aspect as it is seeing some great Overland Builds and listen to a vast array of seminars. View Rally Point
  3. Embark With Mark

    What do you use for camp light?

    As we continue to camp and overland we find ourselves always tweaking the setup we have. I think this is pretty normal but also never ending. One thing that we have had a great issue with is camp light. Finding something both affordable but also not over the top was a goal. Not only are we on a...
  4. GetOutand4WD

    Cancelled Short Notice Labor Day Trip. Hayden and Medano Pass

    I know this is short notice, but I thought some folks might want to get out for Labor Day. I am planning a trip from Villa Grove, CO over Hayden Pass. Then on to Westcliffe, CO. Head up Hermit Pass and camp. Then back out over Medano Pass to the Sand Dunes. It will be a three day trip...
  5. =Jack=

    Short Ozark National Forest Trip

    I took a drive down to the Ozark National Forest in Fayetteville, Arkansas yesterday to see what this place is about. The main camp grounds were closed. However, I did find some back roads and trails. One trail leading up was blocked by large, strategically placed boulders. Steel barriers were...
  6. mitchellsk8s

    Dobinsons Drawer System for 5th Gen T4R

    Does anyone have any experience with the dobinsons drawer system, pros/cons, etc.? I just came across them and they look like what I'm going for. How was your install? Any info you have on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Arepas

    Gaia layers, overlanding and knowing where is OK to camp

    Friends, I am planning a trip in a couple of days I was wondering which layers do you use to ensure you are camping in a permitted area. Found the Public Lands overlay but unsure based on this where it is OK from me to crash for the night: I am guessing that it is OK to do so in Red and...
  8. B

    Playing music in camp

    Hey all, Does anyone here play music in their campsite? I specifically mean playing an instrument. What do you play? Any songs you are good at? What do you want to learn how to play? I'm currently learning banjo, though I also know a bit of Ukulele. I'm learning Bluegrass banjo right now, but...
  9. ovrlndr

    Night Shots of Camp

    Post 'em up. Your best shots of camp at night. No sunset pictures. No sunrise pictures. I want NIGHT shots ONLY! Bonus points for awesome Milky Way shots with light painted vehicles or lit up tents, because those kind of pictures make me drool on my keyboard. Here's my best, now you go!
  10. D

    Best Camp Chair???

    What is the best camp chair and why? Post a link and pictures.
  11. ovrlndr

    Campfire Alternatives?

    Folks, given the last few years in the western half of the US and Canada, with forest fires everywhere and fire bans etc., it got me thinking about campfire alternatives (or non-traditional campfires). As I write this, a forest fire is burning about 2.5 miles from a friend's house and was...
  12. ovrlndr

    RTT Annexes... How often do you use them? How do you set them up INSIDE?

    So, I have a Tepui Ruggedized Autana 3. It came with a nice big annex, but I've never used it... usually camp in one spot, pack up in the morning, explore all day, then find a new camp spot and deploy the tent and sleep. I want to hear how often you use your annex. Do you only use them when...
  13. Chadlyb

    What is your most interesting camp item? Bought or made..

    Interesting camp innovation please show here....I'm definitely looking for something out of the box that makes something easier or just better because it exists.
  14. Dave Decker

    PVC Creations

    How many of you use PVC pipe to make what you need for camp? I've used it to make a shower/privacy stall, drying racks, and even deadman anchors. Let's see some photos of your handy work!
  15. Pick Teej

    Does your dog wander off at camp?

    Usually when we camp for the light we let the dog roam free, but occasionally we will get a scare when we cant see him. the best solution we have found to date (other than tying him up) is using a headlamp with a red led light over his collar. it gives him some light to see where he is going and...
  16. Hank Outdoors

    Portland Maine - Sept 7-11 2018

    My wife is doing a 100 mile lighthouse bike ride on the 8th and I want to hit some trails and camp. We will be driving to Maine on the 7th. I am looking for camping recommendations near Portland for the 7th and then looking to hit some trails after her ride (on the 8th) thru the morning of the...
  17. OverlandChevy

    Favorite camping and easy off road trails.

    Hey there OB, Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for walk in, no reservation, or easy off road trails with camping in California. I have little to no experience off roading an am driving a stock 2017 4x4 Chevy Colorado.
  18. Jose Losoya

    South Padre Island ,Tx (South West Region)

    Hello , I'd Like to invite EVERYONE to come and join us down at South Padre Island Meet up for a night on 5/12/18 ! (more info in Rally Point)
  19. Jose Losoya

    Event Cancelled - South Padre Island , Texas - 05/12/2018

    On Saturday, May 12th 2018 we will have a meet up at Edwin King Atwood Park On South Padre Island at around 5:30-6:30 Pm, Lets get a chance for all of us South Texas Members to know each other! Of Course EVERYONE is welcome to this!!! After the meet up we will travel Down the Side Of the beach...
  20. J Tosh Reed

    Thread submission for campfire safety

    Hey all, sorry I had posted this straight to the boot camp thread, but didn't see this thread so I removed and posted it here, sorry about the mixup. I just noticed there wasn't a thread for this already so wanted to add it as I think its very necessary. This last spring, I put out over a dozen...