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  1. Brian Wells

    US West Exploring Baja California

    I am an explorer and Overlander from Los Angeles. I recently moved out of my place, sold most of my belongings and am selling my business to start a new life outside of the United States. Over the next few months I am living life on the road and in nature in an effort to live life to the fullest...
  2. Gregg Pauly

    SOLD Baja Designs LP9 Sports and ARB roller drawer fridge slide for sale - SF East Bay - can ship either

    Hello. I'm in the San Francisco East Bay and can ship these at the buyer's expense. Selling a pair of Baja Designs LP9 Sports for sale with less than 10 hours of run time on them. The lights are in excellent condition. I do not have the harness for them but it can be purchased on the BD...
  3. Michael

    US West Event Cancelled - KC HiLiTES - IGNORE Johnny Campbell Off Road Tips and Giveaway TEST - 04/30/2019

    Join Baja Racing legend Johnny Campell for driving tips and and a KC light givaway! Be prepared off road by being able to "read" the trail and make solid line choices. Stop by for fun, education, and a great group of folks. We'll also be raffling off a Gravity Pro 6 5 light bar. We hope to see...
  4. SurfinTurfin

    Baja Trip: Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas

    Hi All, I'm a new member on Overland Bound but have been a longtime subscriber of the channel on YouTube. I've recently purchased a new Toyota Tacoma and am heading off on a surf/fishing/overland trip from Los Angeles to Baja. I'm gonna stick pretty close to the route which Michael did on his...
  5. BogdanYZ

    Roadtrip to the Baja 500

    Hey everyone, Some friends and I are planning a trip to Baja to watch the 50th anniversary of the Baja 500. I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in joining or meeting up down in Baja? We'll be leaving Thursday May 31st from San Francisco. Baja 500 is from June 1-3 Race day is June...
  6. Jroettele

    Baja Christmas escape.

    Over Christmas My fiancé and I decided to escape to Baja for a little adventure and hopefully a warmer climate. Not that souther California climate is bad. So we packed up the jeep. Grabbed some extra jerry cans for gas and water and headed out the day after Christmas. We headed down to...
  7. Chadlyb

    Hoonigan Baja to the Baja 1000 50th Anniversary

    Great group having fun at the 50th Anniversary Baja 1000 ....great way to celebrate by bringing an actual Baja Bug to the Worlds Ultimate race
  8. Jroettele

    December 26th-30th Baja Mexico. Camping / Overlanding to Bahia de Los Angeles - 12/26/2017

    We will be following the 5 south from Mexicali thru San Felipe to Bahia de Los Angeles. We plan to stop the night at San Felipe (26th). Head in to Bahia the next day. We are planning on staying approximately 3 nights in Bahia. From there we are going to head north along the 1. There will be a...
  9. Jroettele

    Baja Mexico Dec 26th-30th 2017

    Hey OB amigos My name is Jeff. My Fiancé (Elaine) and I are planning a trip to Baja. We have some time off over Christmas break December 26th-30th. We are looking for the following. Advice; where to camp, routes, sites etc. People to join our trip. We are a young couple that love to film...
  10. Brazuca

    Exploring Baja California

    Hola amigos! Following DezertRat's suggestion at Recent trip info for Baja I've decided to start this thread where we will try to share with you guys some information we will be gathering about Baja California during the next days on road conditions, possible places to visit, etc. We've...
  11. TravelingTuttles

    Baja and mainland Mexico map recommendations?

    We are planning to cross the border near San Diego and head into Baja for an extended trip through Mexico. Ideally, we'll find a place to stay for a bit and get the language down before moving into the mainland, but I would love to be well equipped with some good maps. Does anyone have any...