Baja and mainland Mexico map recommendations?

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Baja, Mexico
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We are planning to cross the border near San Diego and head into Baja for an extended trip through Mexico. Ideally, we'll find a place to stay for a bit and get the language down before moving into the mainland, but I would love to be well equipped with some good maps.

Does anyone have any recommendations for great on and off-road maps of Mexico? Some of the more well-known brands of maps seem to have a lot of reviews saying a lot of back roads and such are left off of them. We'd like something very thorough.


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The BAJA Almanac is second to none IMO for a single point resource. The Nat Geo foldout maps are a good resource too in my experience. Most recently I've been using the HEMA app for MX/CenAm travels.

Edit: looks like they are sold out but check Amazon, etc: