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Camping in a Box: Always Be Ready for Adventure

Camping in a Box: Always Be Ready for Adventure


Packed, Stacked and READY to Explore!

Back in 2011, I was gearing up for a Memorial Day Trip to the Stanislaus National Forest and came across an affordable and durable overland case solution. The Plano Case Sport Locker holds just about everything you will need for kitchen gear for a 3 to 5 day trip, and fits like a glove in our Gobi Roof Rack. Here are some of the key features for the cases:

  • Low profile: You don’t want a case that is so low profile you can’t put anything in it. At the same time, you don’t want a tall case that will create a great deal of drag on the roof of your truck
  • Water resistant. While these cases are not waterproof, they do the job of keeping water out in rain and intense weather.
  • Small enough to heft: Ideally, one person can lift the box to the top of your truck. If the case is too big, you’ll need a couple people or more to lift it in place.
  • Easy to transport: This case has two wheels! Once packed, just roll it into your closet or garage until the next trip!

Camping in a Box Basics

Here’s a basic list I typically use to pack out one of our Plano cases:

  • Coleman lantern
  • 2 sleeping pads
  • Cutting board
  • Fire starter
  • Matches
  • Candles
  • Coleman Stove
  • 2 propane bottles
  • Compass
  • Egg tote
  • Kleen Kanteen
  • Soap
  • Kitchen pot set
  • Pour over coffee maker/filters
  • Spice kit

There is still room for additional clothing, a bottle of wine (or two!), more kitchen equipment, etc.

Here’s why we love it: this is a great affordable case. One will set you back $40. It will not survive a 1-story drop, but we have had our cases for +5 years, and they are still going strong.

Learn more about the Plano Cases here!

What do you use to pack out and hit the trail? Are there other brands, styles or sizes that work best for you? Let us know in the comments!

See you on the trail!