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Overland Boot Camp Series!

One of the Founding Principles of Overland Bound is to share information freely! That is one of the reasons our Forums have no ads – EVER! We want to provide all of the information needed to help as many people as possible outfit and explore, safely! Our members are committed to helping new and experienced […]

Turbo Diesel Crate Engine for your Overland Rig – Cummins R2.8

At Expo West we had a chance to talk to Steve with Cummins Diesel Repower about the long awaited R2.8 Crate engine. Around the world overlanders rely on the low and torque, efficiency, and mileage of these durable engines, now available in North America! In addition to the engine itself, Cummins Repower Program is also […]

TRD Pro 4Runner Long Travel Build

Isaac stopped by on his way to the Overland Expo West and we had the opportunity to talk to him about his awesome TRD Pro 4Runner Build with Long Travel suspension and Adventure Trailer. The XAdventure trailer is a prototype, going into full production, and Isaac’s 4Runner, in his own words, “has very little TRD Pro” […]

Overland Trip – What We Pack

A while back I did a live video as I unpacked the rig, and I got a huge response asking for a video where I pack the rig and go through gear! Well here it is! I go through our kit and explain what we pack, then take a look at how it loads in […]

Mojave Road Journey Part I

When a crew of Overland Bound Members tells you to hit the Mojave Road Trail with them, you follow. And you are SUPER thankful when they are there to pull you out of trouble. Here’s the first part of our March 2017 journey down the Mojave Trail! There was a lot that happened in a […]

Are You an Overlander?

It’s an interesting question I heard in passing. One I really didn’t expect. What do you need to drive? What makes a trip and “overland trip”? I’ll take a crack at answering the question from Overland Bound’s perspective. Are you an Overlander? Have you seen this? It’s me, talking about our definition of Overlanding, and whats […]

Podcast S1 EP06 – Trip Planning

Trip Planning Over the years without really thinking about it, we’ve come up with a method of trip planning we pretty much follow every time. There’s a series of questions to ask to help prepare. We created the Trip Planner which is a free download on this site, which steps you through the process, and […]

2015 Mazda BT-50 Rig Walk Around

Traveling to Australia we get to see a wide variety of rigs we don’t have in our home country, including this Mazda BT-50! Jeremy took time on the trail to walk us through some of the modifications he’s made to his overland rig, explaining the baseline requirements for an overnighter or extended trip. Enjoy! Follow […]