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Tornado Driving – What to do

We found ourselves driving through a tornado – here is what we learned.  7 Tornado Safety Musts: Go to a building Storm shelter or basement Small interior room Stay away from windows No overpasses Watch for debris Cover your head Register and log in to the Overland Bound site to download the checklist here: [wppcp_private_content allowed_roles=”subscriber,member,author” […]

Don’t Leave Home Without This – Overland Tool Kit Essentials

What’s in your overland tool kit? Every off-grid capable rig needs to have a tool kit capable of handling most repair needs on the trail. The kit is going to be vehicle dependent, so you need to do a bit of research on the basic tool requirements for the make and model of your vehicle. […]

Looking for New Places to Explore in Your Area?

We all agree adventure is necessary! That’s why you are here for crying out loud! It you don’t have adventure, what the point of the daily grind?! You need exploration and adventure in order to be healthy and happy!   It follows – you need someplace to go no matter where you are in the […]

Podcast S2 EP04 – Meet Our Overland Bound Ambassadors

Meet Our Ambassadors! Our regional ambassadors provide local support and information for Overland Bound members. They are awesome. Four of our Regional Ambassadors: Steve, Ryan, Chris and Danan sat down to discuss Why Overlanding, Why Overland Bound, and Why you cant Overland for under $95k Say Hello on our forums. These links go to their […]

When a Toyota R&D Engineer Builds an Overland Rig

Dan Rich, Overland Bound Member 0582 has been an Engineer for Toyota for 30 years in Power-train Research and Development. For much of that time he has tried many different configurations on his FZJ80, which has led to the build he shares in this video. His rig is modest, but performs well, and reliably. You […]

What to do if a Blizzard Traps Your Car

For many Overlanders, winter is just another season in a year-round devotion to the outdoors, and many of us enjoy the relative isolation in our favorite spots without the fair weather masses. The unexpected can and will occur, and a few tips can keep you safe.  I’ve been stuck in the snow, rescued by California […]

Podcast S2 EP03 – Ronny Dahl Beginner Tips and Top 5 Do Nots

Ronny Dahl: Beginner Tips and Top 5 Do Nots We sat down with Ronny Dahl to get his advice for beginners, top five do-nots, and discuss critters to avoid! Ronny provides tips and inspiration for folks of all levels of experience interested in off-road adventure travel . He travels the vast Australian outback and shares […]

Podcast S2 EP02 – Overland Styles, Rigs, Basic Kit with Guest Chris Jones

Overland Styles, Rigs, and Basic Gear In this episode we have the Overland Bound East Region Ambassador, Chris Jones joining us to discuss a variety of topics. How do you define “overlanding” for yourself? What are rig requirements? Top questions from newcomers? Join us for this chat and get to know Chris a bit better! […]

How to Gift an Overland Bound Membership

We’ve had many questions asking if it is possible to gift an Overland Bound Membership. The answer is YES! An Overland Bound gift is a great option for those with adventure in their DNA. Well, I guess that’s all of us! Because a membership also includes access to many online features, there are a couple steps […]