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Podcast S2 EP01 – I’ve Never Seen That Before

I’ve Never Seen That Before So uh, ya. One time we were driving through the Mojave Desert and our radiator completely blew up. It was a thing. Here’s what happened, what we did, and and what happened after that. We include audio of the explosive event.

Budget Built Tacoma Overland Rig

Our friend Neil of @BWildJournals on instagram reminds us that you don’t have to break the bank to build an overland rig, and you can do something to make the world a little better along the way! Made for this rig as showcased in the video: Limb Risers Rack iPhone and iPad mounts GoPro Mount […]

Trail Guardian – Leave it Better Than You Found it

No Barriers to Information Overland Bound shares information and locations freely. There are two schools of thought on this. First, “keep it secret, keep it safe”. The reasoning here is simple. The fewer know about a place, the less likely it is to be overrun and trampled by a large number of people. Second, “no one […]

Vehicle Flood Checklist

By: Aaron Laurich and Drew Pache America’s fourth-largest city is in peril. Hurricane Harvey has dropped more than 1 trillion gallons of rain on Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area since it made landfall on Aug. 25.  It is the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since 2005.

Off the Grid Rally II Part II

This is a story about things not going to plan, and lessons re-learned. What you will not see in the video is days and days of kicking myself after we almost rolled our good friends Live Work Wander’s Syncro van. In the video what you do not see is all of the things that add […]

Overland Boot Camp Series!

One of the Founding Principles of Overland Bound is to share information freely! That is one of the reasons our Forums have no ads – EVER! We want to provide all of the information needed to help as many people as possible outfit and explore, safely! Our members are committed to helping new and experienced […]

Turbo Diesel Crate Engine for your Overland Rig – Cummins R2.8

At Expo West we had a chance to talk to Steve with Cummins Diesel Repower about the long awaited R2.8 Crate engine. Around the world overlanders rely on the low and torque, efficiency, and mileage of these durable engines, now available in North America! In addition to the engine itself, Cummins Repower Program is also […]