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An Overland Ride in Kentucky

An Overland Ride in Kentucky


Take an overland ride in Kentucky over the land between the lakes! Shane is an Overland Bound friend, and the owner of one of the most awesome XTerras we have ever seen! Follow along the journey and learn what takes with him on his trips!

My girlfriend and I got together with a few other XTerra enthusiasts and took several ventures into the OHV park.  We also camped for three days in an effort to test load plans, equipment, vehicle, and rations.

Here’s how I had my 04 XTerra configured for movement to LBL:

– Five gallon water can

– Five gallon fuel can

– One 35L Yeti (cold food and drinks), one 25L Yeti (beer),

– One 35L “Trasharoo” (green MOLLE backpack, which held LNT friendly trashbags and fire tinder)

– One 15’x10′ tarp

– One outboard FAK (orange Rotopax)

– One field table

– One Pelican case (which held dry food, accessories, dog food)

– Two field chairs

– Two thru-packs (each holding our clothes, tent, misc camping gear)

– One oil bag

– Two day packs with camelbaks

– One stack of fire wood (orange waterproof bag)

Rack mounted configuration:

Onboard loadout (minus one thru-pack):

(I hope these videos work on here) The map said this is where the trail goes…..so here we go….literally on the lake lol.

Pictures of the trails (mixed between primary, secondary, and a few tertiary):