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The Ultimate Overland Checklist

The Ultimate Overland Checklist


Are you headed out for adventure?

Here’s our 3-day/weekend list to start preparing for your next excursion.

In addition to the checklist below, you can download the trip planner here!

This list will give you a great starting point for the supplies you need to bring on your journey.

Note: This basic supply list assumes you have a capable rig for what you want to do. Know before you go! Do your research on the terrain/weather of your destination. You’ll need to adjust your equipment and provision amounts depending on the duration of your trip, but with this setup you are good for many days.

Bring a journal to help fine tune your overland checklist! Each time I go out, I make a note of:

  1. The things I had that I don’t need.
  2. The things I needed and didn’t have.

By doing this, my list gets better and more refined every time I go out. I have naturally consolidated to three main categories packed in three big cases over time. The advantage of this method is that you can get out of town and into the great outdoors in 20 minutes since your cases are already packed! The categories are:

  1. Kitchen and camp utilities
  2. Dry goods
  3. Chairs and tables

The configuration packs tight. Organization will keep you sane.

Overland ChecklistOverland Checklist

  1. An Overland Rig
  2. Water (2 gal. per person per day)
  3. Cooler (cold foods according to your meal plan)
  4. First Aid
  5. Tent
  6. Map/GPS/DeLorme
  7. Clothes
  8. Bedding (pads, sleeping bags, pillows)
  9. Camp Kitchen
  10. Table
  11. Chairs
  12. Truck Tools
  13. Winch Tools

Here is where we get organized!

Three Cases:

Case 1: Dry Goods

We stock for more than 1 trip, and the amount and variety of items reflect having kiddos in our pack. The dry goods case is our pantry. This list is the easiest to change up and make appropriate for you. Our shopping trip before heading out of town is to get items like green apples, pastry treats for a ‘special’ breakfast for kids, vegetables of all sorts (pre-cut), cheese, deli meats, etc.

  1. Canned TunaOverland Checklist
  2. Canned Soup
  3. Canned Black Beans
  4. Canned Kidney Beans
  5. Canned Chili/Hearty Stew
  6. Dried or fresh Fruit
  7. Canned Whole Tomatoes
  8. Canned Tomato Paste
  9. Spices: Sugar, salt, pepper, Italian Seasoning, Garlic Salt
  10. Olive Oil
  11. Almond/Soy Milk
  12. Energy Bars
  13. Spaghetti Pasta
  14. Spaghetti Sauce
  15. Fusilloni Pasta
  16. Nuts
  17. Coffee
  18. Peanut/Almond Butter
  19. Small jar of jelly
  20. Hot Chocolate
  21. Hersey Bars
  22. Marshmallows
  23. Graham Crackers
  24. Saltine Crackers
  25. Cold Cereal
  26. Instant Oatmeal
  27. Steak Sauce
  28. Balsamic Vinegar
  29. Sriracha Chili Sauce
  30. Cholula Hot Sauce
  31. Tortillas
  32. Chips
  33. Salsa

Again, we’re going through who we pack out a dry good case. Streamline or expand for your needs!

Case 2: HardwareOverland Checklist

  1. Coleman Lantern
  2. Coleman Stove
  3. Trash Bags
  4. Propane
  5. Insect Repellent
  6. Camp Bowls
  7. Silverware Sets
  8. Wet Ones
  9. GSI Pinnacle Camper Kit (pots,pans,plates,cups)
  10. Thin Plastic Cutting Board
  11. Coffee Filters & Pour Over Kit
  12. MSR Water Filter
  13. Fire Bag (lots of ways to start a fire – wet, dry, strike, lighter, fuel, gels, etc.)
  14. Cooking utensils
  15. Knife X 2
  16. Paper Towels
  17. First Aid Kit
  18. Bottle/Can Opener
  19. Aluminum Foil
  20. Napkins
  21. Kleenex
  22. Paper Plates
  23. Toilet Paper (Mountain Money)

Case 3: ChairsOverland Checklist

  1. Folding Chairs (4)
  2. Fishing Poles (3)
  3. Dish Washing Station
  4. Sleeping Pads

3-Day Meal Plan – Weekend Config.

This menu reflects how we roll with kids on a quick weekend out of town.

Day 1

  1. Dinner
    • Chips & Salsa
    • Easy to heat up canned chili/stew
    • Saltine Crackers
    • Carrots/veggie with hummus

Day 2

  1. Breakfast
    • Cold Cereal w/ Almond Milk
    • Apples w/ Almond Butter
    • Coffee
  2.  Lunch
    • Flour Tortilla rolled with lunch meat, cheese, veggies & Cholula (or PB&J!)
    • Chips & Salsa
    • Trail Mix
    • Apples w/ Almond Butter
  3.  Dinner
    • Hunk of meat
    • Red Potatoes in Foil/with canned tomatoes, can of beans, veggies and seasoning
    • Broccoli w/ garlic salt and pepper

Day 3Overland Checklist

  1. Breakfast
    • Fruit
    • Instant Oatmeal
    • Pastries
  2. Lunch (on the road)
    • Huge Burger from a drive-thru 🙂
  •  Snacks & Desserts

    • Chips & Salsa
    • Smores
    • Energy Bars
    • Trail Mix
    • Dried Fruit
    • Fresh Fruit
    • Crackers and Cheese


We use Plano cases that we strap down on our roof rack for the 3 case pack out. Learn more about the Plano Cases here!

Subscribers can download the checklist here:

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Backwoods country bumpkin. Overland enthusiast and lover of the great outdoors.


  1. Great list Michael. I always check my list against other camping lists and I found a couple things here that I will add to mine. I love your videos and I was very happy to find your name mentioned in someone’s post about building and preparing for an overland trip.

    1. Thanks Mark! I’m glad you found a thing or two that you’ll find useful! I should probably update the list from time to time. Ours changes for the better over time! Cheers!

  2. Hello guys been watching on Youtube for a bit, you all are awesome. Been visiting the website since then but never had the urge to join until I realized, after considerable healing , I might be going over landing again this year with the family. We go by The Barefoot Family, for everything, so I guess that is a good way to get to know us. We are 5 of 7 still at home, including Mortdecai our Great Pyrennes and caring protector in the wilds.

    1. Awesome! We’re stoked the article is helpful! You may also want to head over to our forums http://www.overlandbound.com/forums to meet a whole community of folks ready to help and answer questions! We’re glad to have you! Quick heads up, the forum is a separate login :/ I know I know, we are fixing that soon! Glad to hear you are getting back out there!

  3. I got tons of these lil lists on scrap paper floating around. May print this and add/subtract to my needs so I have something a bit cleaner and it seems to hit all the high points of mine.

  4. Great list and really like your videos. I’m wondering if you could comment on the use of a dedicated GPS device versus a smartphone with a GPS app. Have you considered the latter?

    1. I am on the same boat.
      I have spent some time looking at the forum, trying to find a discussion about what is the best GPS for overlanding and can not find it. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms?

  5. Great article, Michael! It got me to thinking about how to get my stuff organized so I can get out of town quickly and at a moments notice. I guess my “disorganization” comes from childhood camping trips. We would know a couple months in advance when we were going and to where. That allowed lots of time to gradually get things organized for typically multi-week camping trips (3-4 weeks straight!).

    But things are way different today. While my list is different than yours, the strategy is the same: How to get out quick! I may be a little weird, but I have my carrier sitting on a few chairs in the living room and “dry fitting” all my stuff.

    I could keep going, but it’s likely only exciting to me!

  6. Great read! I am finding this super-helpful as a new to the scene kind of guy. Thanks for making this!

    What he said 😀

    I've done some car camping but as someone who is fairly new to the whole vehicle dependent travel this is a nice checklist!


  7. Great site. Really enjoy the many video posts. Never done any overlanding before. Recently bought an fj62 and looking forward to some explorations on Northern California trails.

  8. This is a great starting point for us new guys. I just bought three of these cases from Amazon. I’m curious…what chairs do you have, and how many fit into one of your Plano cases?

  9. When planing trips and selecting what will or will not come I like to think through various scenarios like how am I going camp if: Sunny and perfect, less than perfect but doable and total shit storm. It’s been helpful both in bringing the correct gear but also what plan b is when it’s to windy/stormy to cook outside or a bug invasion happens at dusk.

  10. Love lists…I have been a back country backpacker for decades. Lists are your friend and I find I go over them a lot weeks, days and hours before a trip…nothing like hiking 15 mile into camp and forgetting your propane canister. On the other hand my girlfriend has always gone glamping and she has nothing that would fit into the uber-light category…so when we go we pack a full crew cab truck to the nines with equipment. I must say we have a great outdoors kitchen setup and friends feel pampered with my short order skills. Now that we have the Jeep we want…mainly me…to tone some of the gear down. @Michael you have put together a great list for our overlanding rig…at least I can say look honey overlanders don't bring so much stuff with them when we are going over the checklist.

  11. Thanks for the list, meal ideas, etc. Since we have a pop up truck camper,we can pack more. It does t mean we do, but items are more readily accessible. Also, we have two dogs so it’s like packing for twin toddlers. I found a great lantern while shopping that is built tough and lots of light. Don’t know if I can name it, though so message me for info. Our list has been fine tuned over the years but more and more we travel to remote areas, so have more self-extraction gear and what if scenario items.

  12. Excellent List Micheal, I will definitely get the cases you have, they seem really good and affordable. Looking forward to comparing your list to mine and add more stuff to our camping checklist, Thanks for the info.

  13. Hi again, another great article, but even though I’m logged in, I don’t see a download button ….. all I see is:

    Subscribers can download the checklist here:
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    Sample Page

    1. I am a Master Mechanic and would like to put my 2 cents here for you with what I bring with me ( I tend to bring a bit more seeing as I have the skill to help others in need and have the room). In my opinion, I would at least bring the following.

      1. A test light for any electrical issues to trace down. Even if you are not familiar with them I’m sure someone around you while out on the trail would be and they will love you for having it if they try and help. You can pick up a cheap one that will do the job for under 5 dollars.
      2. Just your run of the mill automotive toolkit with sockets, screwdrivers, and such. They are small and compact like the ones you can find at Home Depot, Walmart, Sears etc..
      3. Jumper cables.
      4. An inexpensive air compressor that you can plug into a cig lighter/power outlet for airing up tires and a tire plug repair kit. You can repair a nail hole, or puncture repairs on the trail safely.
      5. Duck Tape – millions of uses, I even used it once to make a fan belt for someone on an old Chevy to get to town and it worked!

      I would say water, hammer, First Aid kit, and some other items but I think they fall under what you should already have for camping in general.