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January Socal Meetup 01.07.17

Overland Bound is our community! Thank you to @Scott for putting together the Socal Meetup on Saturday and to @DominicMoschetti for creating the awesome video that captured some of the event.

There were many different Rigs at all level of build, and many were meeting for the first time. It looks like OB Socal is off to a good start this year!

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  1. I was 8 years old when I watched that movie and the second I saw that truck in his garage, I knew I was a pickup truck guy.  After all, you need a truck to get the lake! I belly laughed so hard when he mentioned that on your interview!

  2. We just posted this video!

    A chance encounter with Marty McFly's Back to the Future Toyota SR5 resulted in this quick rig walk around. See a glimpse of the rig that started it all for many overlanders and Off-Road enthusiasts! Thank you for sharing Jack!

    The Audio is a result of the environment! Thanks for understanding!

    Back to the Future Toyota SR5 Rig Walk Around

    A chance encounter with Marty McFly's Back to the…

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    This very truck was what started my love for Toyota trucks.  Love those tube bumpers and the roll bar with lights.  haha

  3. Love it! Big thanks to @Michael and @Corrie for not only providing this awesome community, but for also sending along some swag for the event.  The patches went quick, but I do have some stickers left, so anyone that didn't get a sticker please shoot me a pm with your mailing address and I'll send some to you.

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