Home podcast Podcast S2 EP04 – Meet Our Overland Bound Ambassadors
Podcast S2 EP04 – Meet Our Overland Bound Ambassadors

Podcast S2 EP04 – Meet Our Overland Bound Ambassadors


Meet Our Ambassadors!

Our regional ambassadors provide local support and information for Overland Bound members. They are awesome.

Four of our Regional Ambassadors: Steve, Ryan, Chris and Danan sat down to discuss Why Overlanding, Why Overland Bound, and Why you cant Overland for under $95k

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Backwoods country bumpkin. Overland enthusiast and lover of the great outdoors.


  1. A consistent problem in most areas in most the areas we've been to.  Hiking here and there we always manage to collect a small bag.  Might be a good idea to connect to groups already involved in cleanup projects.  Like when in college my Rotaract club did a few pick ups of local reservation areas/ trails.

  2. We started camping with our children when they were infants almost 25 years ago. As soon as they were old enough, we made a game out of trash collection. As soon as we stopped to set camp, we would send them on a "treasure hunt" to collect as much trash as possible. This was a great way for them to occupy time while set camp and a release of their energy after sitting in the truck for hours of travel.  The reward was selected what to eat for dinner.  We did the same when we broke camp, and the winner could choose where to stop along the way to our next destination. Now even though they are both young adults and help set up camp we all clean up the camp when we arrive and leave, and the reward is knowing that the next camper might notice.  It has always amazed me how much litter there is to collect.