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Overland Trip – What We Pack


A while back I did a live video as I unpacked the rig, and I got a huge response asking for a video where I pack the rig and go through gear! Well here it is! I go through our kit and explain what we pack, then take a look at how it loads in the rig.

If you are interested in getting the pdf checklist, check out this story and download the list!

Ultimate Overland Checklist

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  1. Great video, and one of the things I really liked about it is that most of it is “everyday” gear, not all the super-expensive stuff. The only thing I’d seriously recommend you add though, is some kind of barrier between the back cargo area and the rear seats or even the front seats. If you’re ever in an accident, some of that gear in the back could be fatal when it comes flying forward and hits anyone in the front seats. It happened to a friend of the family – it was one small little toolbox that hit one of them in the back of the head which has changed their lives for ever… Not necessarily endorsing or recommending them, but Raingler makes some solid mil-spec webbed cargo/pet barriers.