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Out of Town in 20 Minutes!


I’f you have seen the “Ultimate Overland Checklist” article you have a good idea of what you need, and how you can update your list on an on-going basis. So what’s the point? If you have three cases, and you are always packed, you can leave with last minute notice…and you will! One stop by the store to pick up perishables and you are on the road!

We understand that leaving in 20 minutes may seem daunting, but it really is possible, without question, and our friends who overland full time do it EVERY MORNING!

Watch as we load the Overland Bound Rig in record time to get out of town. The key to hitting the trail often is to set yourself up to get out of town fast and easy! If you prep and keep your gear packed, its possible to hit the road in under 20 minutes! In this video I go through the basic gear of a quick overland trip and show how to pack fast!