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Overland Expo DeLorme InReach Explorer GPS Introduction

While at the Overland Expo this year we reviewed the DeLorme InReach Explorer GPS unit. Ryan, the Delorme Rep did a great job telling us about the features of this global gps tracking and SOS unit. Sorry about the audio quality! We didn’t have our mic!


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    1. Joe:

      This is Ryan, the guy from the video. Garmin does not have a satellite communication product on the market. In terms of what we do, the closest competitor product is either SPOT or a satellite phone.

      SPOT’s offering is a one-way device, so you are only able to send a message–not receive one back. This is critical particularly in an SOS situation. There isn’t any way to inform rescuers of the nature of the emergency, nor is there message delivery confirmation. Furthermore, SPOT has gaps and fringe areas in coverage–they publish a map of where you’re more likely to have service. It doesn’t work anywhere in the world, like inReach.

      Satellite phones allow you to call and talk, verses text, but there are several challenges with sat phones. Sat phones and plans are expensive and require a long-burst connection to a satellite in order to transmit voice data. inReach can send or receive an SMS message by nearly glimpsing a satellite due to the fact that the data its transmitting is so small. What this means is you’re still able to send and receive messages in areas where it would be challenging to maintain a satellite voice call.

      I hope this helps!

      Ryan Lilly
      Brand Manager

  1. I am interested in seeing what your opinions are on this equipment, Michael. Did I hear correctly that there was a receive only blue-tooth option as well? I’m not a big subscription person, either… it seems to just chisel your money away too quickly, so I’d love to hear if there’s a less expensive option.
    I’ve also looked into getting the Garmin Topo USA CD ROM set and making a book of microSD cards that insert into the in-dash navigation a few manufacturers make to fill a 2-din for the FZJ80..
    I’m on the fence for now 🙂 Looking forward to your opinions!