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Off the Grid Rally II Part II


This is a story about things not going to plan, and lessons re-learned. What you will not see in the video is days and days of kicking myself after we almost rolled our good friends Live Work Wander’s Syncro van. In the video what you do not see is all of the things that add up to the shot where it almost rolls. If you can, notice just how close that was. Without the counter weight of a couple of people, I fear the worst would have happened.

So what did we learn:

  1. I don’t care how many people are waiting, slow down. There was time pressure, we were in a hurry. We were going too fast. I’ve heard second hand the Camel Trophy racers used to say, getting out of a bad situation should take about asl long as boiling a cup of tea. The reason being, you want to take that long to think about it carefully.
  2. It doesn’t matter what obstacle is in your way, don’t take a bad line! There was a rock in the way, so we had the syncro turn uphill – BONEHEAD! Don’t do that. Bad things happen.
  3. If you have traction boards, consider using them. We had them, they should have come out earlier.
  4. I have to say it again – slow down.

It was a great day and we had a terrific time, and we learned some good lessons. I can’t wait for Off the Grid Rally 3!