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Northstar X2 Power Battery Installation


Video alert: Northstar X2Power Battery Installation! Overland Bound #0000 was in need of a new battery and as a result from much research and discussion with our community, we chose the Northstar X2Power Battery for our 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser.

A deep cycle battery is different than a standard car “starting” battery. The difference is important if you are going to be traveling off the grid. A standard car battery is intended to provide a quick burst of energy to crank your engine and start the car. This action only discharges the battery a small percent, and then the charge is “topped off” from the alternator as the engine runs. THis is a very efficient, long lasting battery at an affordable price. The tradeoff is the capability to have a long reserve battery life. It’s not designed to do that.

Here is where a deep cycle battery excels. Deep cycle batteries are usually solid lead acid batteries designed to provide a consistent level of power over a long duration of time. If you are off the grid, or will be using your vehicle power for prolonged periods, this capability is essential. The tradeoff here is that a typical deep cycle does not have the same burst capability of a starting battery, so if you are using it to start your car, an oversized battery may be required.

76c0e368-f8d4-42b8-9a1a-2c01078b5b39Is it possible to get both in the same package? Enter the Northstar 2X Power, and no – we don’t get paid to say this 🙂 This battery provides impressive cold-cranking amp ratings (CCA) as well as impressive reserve capacity and cycling ability. For the tech junkies, and to be able to compare to other batteries, here are the stats:

  • Pulse cranking amps 1500 A
  • CCA rating at -18°C (0°F) 840 A
  • CA/MCA rating at 0°C (32°F) 1000 A
  • Reserve capacity 160 min
  • Capacity – 20 hour rate (1.75 vpc) 76 Ah

We made this choice because of a few reasons:

  1. Deep cycle – We regularly discharge our battery extensively off the grid, and require long battery life without charging
  2. Not a single negative review in all of the feedback and commentary we engaged in while decision making
  3. 60 Month Free Replacement warranty (!)
  4. No adjustments to the battery case or tray. Fits like a glove.

We know this is old hat for some; however, we hope this video helps those who are new to popping the hood of their rig and getting their hands greasy!

Safety First

Another key point in installing a new battery in your vehicle is safety. (Obviously.)

  1. Create a safe work environment. Clear the area of anything flammable, park on a flat surface with emergency brake engaged. Make sure no one is smoking around you.
  2. Negative terminal always disconnects first and then the positive terminal for removal of the old battery.* 
  3. Positive terminal always connects first and then the negative terminal when connecting the new battery.
  4. Have a small wire brush and a baking soda solution to clean any corrosion to the terminal ends or cables.
  5. As YouTube subscriber Kevin108 mentions in the comments… Take off any rings before installing!

We hope this Northstar X2Power Battery installation video and safety tips help you the next time you’re ready to upgrade your power.

You can read more about the X2Power Battery here.

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*There are some exceptions with very old cars, so do your research. If you have one of these cars, you probably know about this 🙂

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