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Land Rover Defender 110 Rig Walk Around!


A Chance Encounter: Call That Luck?!

Recently, Overland Bound headed to the Pacific Northwest to meet up with a crew of Members, including new members Gato and Brandon of Broke But Rich Overland. Originally setting out from Florida to travel to Alaska, their journey brought them through Washington during our visit! It was our pleasure!

Broke But Rich Crew
Broke But Rich Crew

We spent a few days getting to know Gato (@brokebutrichoverland), Maca(@macsofia_), Brandon(@brandontico) and Danielle (@imushroam) during our whirlwind tour, and had the opportunity to rustle up some rocks together from Salmon La Sac Campground to Gallagher Head Lake in the mountains of Washington! Together they are Broke But Rich Overland. Both of their rigs, Brandon’s Jeep Rubicon, and the venerable Land Rover Defender 110 proved to be very capable on the trail, acting as troop and gear transports and tow donkey (Defender 110)! In terms of Overland vehicles, this crew is equally capable on and off the road.

Defender 110 – To the Lake and Back

We left the Salmon La Sac Campground in Washington on Saturday morning. We like a 9:00AM departure time the morning after everyone gets together. It allows ample time to pack, and it isn’t so early that those who visit into the night are hurting the next morning! We were pretty close! On this trip we were ready to roll out at about 9:15 after gathering everyone together and planning for the day ahead.

The convoy of Overland Bound Member rigs, thirteen in all, rolled out and headed up the dusty road, climbing beyond the gate-keepers, and heading up an offroad track where 4WD was required on our way up to Gallagher Head Lake.

D110 Billy Goat
Defender 110 Billy Goat

The venerable Defender 110 wound up the mountain like a billy goat. Taking position right behind the Overland Bound rig, I could hear it shifting many times to achieve 15MPH, the extremly low gearing working to use the limited 70HP diesel motor. The wheels would not stop! In the Defender 110, the high and low gears split all the other gears, so you have 1st through 5th gears, and reverse, split high and low, so effectively, you have a 12 speed gearbox. It allows the torque-y motor to best use its horsepower.

The Defender served double duty as a tow rig when another vehicle had a hard time scampering up the rugged terrain. We hooked it up the the Broke But Rich rig, and towed it up the mountain! We were impressed all weekend at the capabilities and simplicity of the Defender.

At the end of the day, it was time to relax y the lake and get to know each other more. We had the opportunity to do a video rig walk around which we hope you enjoy! The route to the lake will be shared in the forums soon, and you can download the map for free from our site!


Broke But Rich: Spreading the Word on Overlanding

D110 Loaded
Defender 110 Loaded

Broke But Rich Overland has the same philosophy as Overland Bound, not rich, their journey proves that anyone can overland, even in a rig as exotic as the Defender 110. Overland Bounds mission is to provide the resources and information needed to overland throughout the world, connecting thousands of people to help each other and offer support wherever your travels may take you. In their own words “Broke But Rich is for the people that think that something like this is impossible…We just want to prove to people that it is totally achievable.”

It all started when…

“We purchased a rolling chassis of a 1979 Land Rover (Isabella) in Chile. All we knew about her was that we wanted to restore her to running conditions. The ambitious project took about 3 months of non stop work and dedication. As we worked on her we started seeing the final result come to life and started looking for places to drive to. Not knowing anything about 4×4 vehicles, off roading or living in a car we decided to take a long drive around South America and head to the dramatic landscapes of Patagonia. We visited Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. A year later, after falling in love with the Land Rover brand and what the cars represent, we flew back to my hometown in Miami and purchased an Ex Mod Land Rover 110. Our goal was to build her into a camper and explore North America which we knew nothing about. We decided to stick to as many dirt roads and small towns as possible to get the full experience of our trip. We teamed up with Brandon(@brandontico) and Danielle (@imushroam) and we hit the road July of 2016. We’ve been on the road since, living out of our cars and documenting our journey along with the people we’ve met along the way.”

Overland Bound

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