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International Overland Adventures: Rent a Rig and Explore!

International Overland Adventures: Rent a Rig and Explore!


There’s a world of adventure waiting, and it doesn’t mean you have to ship your overland rig to experience it. Michael was recently in Brisbane, Australia and the ‘outfit and explore’ urge hit him fairly hard. Hard enough that he dropped everything to rent a Nissan Patrol and explore Rainbow Beach on the East Coast of the country for the weekend.

The Nissan Patrol on Teerwah Beach Road at Red Canyon

As much as we all would love to pack our rigs in shipping containers and send them off to exotic locales, overlanding adventures can happen abroad thanks to the many different 4X4 rental companies around the world. All you have to do is pick a terrain and location, dive into research, solidify your plans and itinerary, ask as many questions as possible in advance, and GO!

Here are some items to think about as you start to create your journey:

  1. Give yourself as much time as possible to plan. Eliminate rushing.
  2. Have paper maps, even if you have a GPS Unit.
  3. First Aid is required kit, no matter what. Even if traveling light, make sure you have a good one.
  4. Is your drivers license and passport up to snuff? Are they going to expire between now and your travel date, and does the country you’re traveling to accept it? (This one is a ‘Duh’, but you can never be too prepared.)
  5. What type of vehicle do I want to drive? 4X4 adventure rental companies will have a wide range of overlanding vehicles to choose from (with some only available in that country). These companies require a hefty deposit which they will return if the vehicle is brought back in tact, but have a few thousand dollars available on the card.
  6. Get your permits. Off road permits, and beach access permits are often required.
  7. What’s the political climate where you are heading? Is there anything you need to know ahead of time? Rules of thumb? Be polite. Dress nice.
  8. What insurance will you need? Get traveler’s insurance. For a few bucks, you have insurance to cover the cost of the rig if you stack it. You are overlanding right? Contact the company via email or phone and ask for the list of requirements in advance.
  9. Pre-plan your route/trail, and communicate where you are planning to go in advance with the 4X4 rental company.
  10. What tolls/ferries will you be on your route?
  11. Climate check. Do you have the right clothing and gear? What season is it where you are going? What sort of footwear will be required? (An ongoing conversation between me and Michael… sigh.)
  12. What will they provide for equipment? Tent, sleeping bag, stove? First aid kit? Maps?
    Some of the gear for the Rainbow Beach trek.
  13. Where will you sleep? Are there dedicated campsites at the end of the trail, or is it primitive style? Are there rigs with rooftop tents available?
    Our buddy Paul at the Teerwah Beach campsite
  14. What do I need to buy locally? Think fire starting gear, knife, gas, food, water, etc.
  15. What food is available where I am going? Are grocery stores or markets readily available for stocking up? Make sure you are getting salami and not raw pepperoni!
  16. Do they have emergency coverage should something go wrong during the trip?

Reseach, research, research, and collect your questions and answers. I use my black moleskin journal and Evernote to collect info and plan.

FullSizeRender 6

I know it sounds obvious, but the key is to eliminate potential mistakes and missteps that could derail the entire journey.

We’re working on shipping the Overland Bound rig to some far off destination, but it’s great to know adventure is accessible just about anywhere with some time, research and planning.

Have you ever rented an overland vehicle in another country? Did we miss any planning tips? Thinking about putting an adventure together? Let us know in the comments below or join our FORUMS to share your knowledge! We’d love to hear from you guys!

Outfit and Explore,


Corrie Co-Founder, Marketing and Editor @ Overland Bound. Often found behind the camera, keyboard or steering wheel. (But not all at once.)