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HIT Roof Top Tents – Hinterland Industries

HIT Roof Top Tents – Hinterland Industries


We have enjoyed hitting the trail with the Rincon HIT Rooftop Tent from Hinterland Industries! And we’ve gotten to know Graham, owner and creator of HIT. We asked him to share his story from his early days tent camping with his father in Australia, to where overlanding and Hinterland takes him today. Read on for insight and inspiration!

Graham Holloway, Owner Hinterland Industries and Creator of HIT Roof Top Tents

When did you launch Hinterland Industries Tents? 

We started laying the groundwork for Hinterland Industries Tents in spring of 2015. Then came design, testing, and vetting manufacturers to find the right fit for our vision of what we wanted to bring to the market. The result, HIT Roof Top Tents.

What inspired you to jump into this market? 

We had some ideas (to improve RTT’s) so we decided to make our ideas into reality and started Hinterland Industries Tents. (HIT).  This meant boots on the ground and spending time in far away places on the factory floors to be fully present and immersed in our startup.  This was one of our founding principles. It was paramount that we stay present and hands on at every stage of our production.

HIT Rooftop Tent How long have you been overlanding? 

I guess it started about 1981-82. As a young child my father and I traveled around Australia tent camping with him on a bicycle and me in the trailer behind him. Eventually we traveled across the US in a 1968 VW transporter, you know, the old pickup truck with the front end like a van? He had a canvas top for the bed of the truck and that’s where we lived. This was all early 1980’s. Fast forward to the mid 90’s and I bought a 1973 International Scout II before I even had a license.  That’s the beginnings to our present endeavor.

What’s your background in the overland market? 

I started welding and fabricating almost 22 years ago, and have done a variety of builds from classic jeeps to modern Land Cruisers. Three years ago we built our first offroad/overland trailer. Since then, we have been refining that platform.
We will be releasing our new and improved trailer models later in 2017 and have other areas of vehicle upgrade and outfitting we are expanding our scope to as well.

When did the entrepreneurial spirit hit you? 

As early as I can remember I’ve always had that drive.  Although I wasn’t able to fully support myself solely from the fruits of my labors until I was 28. At that time, I stopped being a W2 employee and went full time self-employed.  Haven’t looked back since.  Granted, this makes for very long hours and a lot of time invested that isn’t “on the clock” but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

HIT Tent on the TrailWhere do you see overlanding as an industry going in the next 5 years?

In my opinion, overlanding in its modern form is still in its infancy here in the US.  The markers I’m watching all point to strong growth in the coming years.

What inspires you the most as a business owner and overlander?

I would have to say it’s the innovation and seeing the bar set ever higher all the time.  And the camaraderie within the group as a whole.  There are a lot of great companies out there right now and we are honored and proud to be a part of this as well.

Overland Bound #0000 on the Mojave Trail with the Rincon RTT© Credit Barry J Holmes ©

Favorite destination/camping spot?

We love the desert and coastal areas quite a bit, but our overlanding is more of a hybrid.  Similarly, we have a couple rigs that are purpose built. Beginning with some that make us able to travel for extended periods in tame to moderate terrain, others leading all the way up to our highly modified FZJ80 that we tackle very technical trails and local’s yet still don’t compromise on our creature comforts and love of great meals.

What’s your favorite part about being outdoors?

Being off grid.  No cell phone. No computer. Thus, apart from Ham radio for emergency, we’re fully self reliant and we’re comfortable with that.

Learn more about HIT Tents and Hinterland Industries here! And a big thank you to Graham for allowing us to use and adventure with his gear!

Corrie Co-Founder, Marketing and Editor @ Overland Bound. Often found behind the camera, keyboard or steering wheel. (But not all at once.)