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Goose Gear Introduction!

Goose Gear creates custom drawer and storage installations for overland rigs. In this video, we review a Goose Gear setup in a Bronco installation!

Check out their website: http://www.goose-gear.com


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  1. WAY too bulky and heavy for me. “We” in the overland community do not preach the benefits of “light” enough, in all that we do. It is SO crucial.
    I have seen a vid of an enormous 5 foot tired MAN like vehicle trying to cross a wooden bridge, in what looked like South America, when the bridge collapsed, sending the vehicle way down a ravine. How are you going to get a 20,000 pound rig up out of a deep ravine. Army tank retrievers are not that common, and that is what you will need.
    That is an extreme example, and the longer one is out traveling, the more you need “luxuries” and space to make oneself comfortable. We try to get along with just our Land Cruiser, no front or rear bumpers, no roof rack, trailer, etc., for lightness and lower COG. And I admit it is a challenge doing it that way. But we can get under and over and through when others can’t. Tree over hangs, narrow trails, sharp turns all are “against” us 🙂
    But it would be great to have more space. I guess we need and expando/contracto vehicle! You know, come to a camping spot, push a button and the living space pops out, with dinner served too. Oh well, trade offs……..