Tent Heater?

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Chris, we have a dewalt inverter and just ordered a new electric blanket. (Have not tested the blanket yet, has not showed up in the mail yet) Inside our rtt i have taken out the terrible foam and put down an inflatable kingcamp mattress, super insulated and then a wool blanket on top of that before the sleeping bags. sleeping bags are 40degree and then a rumpl down blanket on top of that. When we were at OBwest, the moisture was insane and we froze all night with just sleeping bags, the stock mat and the rumpl. i know you wrote this a while ago, but i have not seen anyone that does a heating blanked with an inverter yet... that being said, if you dont have a buddy heater feel free to borrow mine if you want to see if you like it. 1gal can only lasts about 2 hours full blast.

what set up are you running? also you still planning those spots?


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Has anyone tried the RTT reflective tent liners? I have been wanting to try one but would like to hear about others experiences with them. They look like they would reflect the heat back fairly well and perhaps eliminate the need for a heater except in the coldest conditions.