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Vinz Clortho

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I spent the first weekend of October at Usal Beach. I was looking to escape the smoke and my options were the coast, or the Eastern Sierras. Since my truck is 2wd, I'm rolling solo, have no recovery gear (working on that) and I don't know the trails on the eastern side of the mountains, I decided to play it safe and stick to what I know I can handle.

The weather was perfect and there air was clear. I planned to stay for three nights, but ended up leaving a day early. I've been here a few times before and always found the other campers to be quite and considerate. Not this time. There were large groups, doing donuts on the beach, setting off M80's, blasting music into the wee hours and other general ass-hattery. I'm blaming covid. It only served to make me that much more determined to get out into more isolated and remote areas for future trips.
Great pics! A group of OB members went the following weekend and experienced some of the same behaviors unfortunately. It was the first time there for most of us and not sure if we’d ever go back on a weekend. Lots of mortars getting set off on Saturday night. The biggest issue we had was people driving out into the sand and having no idea how to do it. We dug out at least four other vehicles that weekend. Kids in Honda Pilots, rich people in rented overland rigs, and a Range Rover who’s driver was almost in the water. General stupidity and disregard for other people seemed to be very common out there. I’s too bad because it would be a great spot otherwise.

Now that I’m done complaining here are some pics:



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Some photos from Green mountain national forest in VT being from long island NY is one of our favorite weekend getaways. No the photo isn't angled this site was a little off level


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