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  1. Boort

    Gear Review Video description request/suggestion

    @Michael @Corrie Good day. May I make a request? I've noticed that when you do gear reviews you rarely post links in the Youtube description for the gear being reviewed. The videos have a long list of "Gear We Use" and "Camera Video Gear" But rarely if ever have I seen something interesting...

    Not new... but I was away for a bit.

    Afternoon Adventurers! Some of you may remember me, if yes, hello. Some may not, nice to meet you. Thanks to a couple of @Michael 's YouTube videos for getting me to log back in - great content man. I have had some changes in my adventuring. In addition to my Gen3 4Runner, I have added a...
  3. Donegal Overlanding

    Cast Iron Camp Cooking : Hungarian Stew

    Whenever we post a video, any video, we get complaints about having music, when we post any without music, we get complaints that there is no music. It is a difficult thing to try to cater to different personal preferences. With this video, our friend Stelian from Romania came over and we...
  4. NomadEffect

    Only A Road Trip Away

    I have been following this Youtube channel 'Only A Road Trip Away' and this guy is so freaking inspiring. The cars are cool, the videos are cool, the photos are cool. I'm into the whole thing, maybe also because I was born in the 80's and love old cars. Check out this video he entered into a...
  5. AaronOffroader

    New Member -Aaron Offroader - 2018 Prado 150 Kakadu 35s - Greetings Guys

    Hi There Guys This is my first post. trying to get the hang around the Overlandbound Platform and Community Via Australia I hope to add a lot of value here via write ups and blogs in the future I have 2x Insta accounts @AaronOffroader and @offthegridmedia 1x Youtube Account @AaronOffroader if...
  6. Yaniv

    Latest trip from a week ago :: Menashe Heights

    There are English subtitles for foreign language speakers (yea - you - foreign people :grimacing:) Enjoy!
  7. Donegal Overlanding

    Our solution to BF Goodrich not using white lettering any more on their Mud Terrains.

    This is our first video showing anything from our very special project Land Rover, The Red Lady RELOADED. She is a Discovery 1 built on a Defender 130 chassis with a single cab conversion and an electrically lifting solid walled rear camper body. In this first video, we start from the ground...
  8. RichieFromBoston


    Now bear in mind I have my own overlanding channel, And I truly overland and offroad my modified 80 series, but Tim and kelsey sold thier house, quit thier jobs and chopped the roof off thier 80 series and have gone form the USA to south america, not only do they live it for real, they offer...
  9. Traveling Together

    Recommended Overland Travel YouTube Channels

    I wanted to support my favorite youtube overland channels, but I'm a dirtbag overlander, so I can't support them financially. I decided to make a video and try to help them out in my own little way. I recommend you check out any of these guys if you aren't already watching: (warning: not all of...
  10. ChrispyChris

    California Road Trip: Part 1 - Wingin' It

    Hey guys! At the end of summer, my girlfriend and I headed west to California in her little Jeep Renegade. Here's the video from the first leg of the trip: I know it's not typical overlanding (maybe should've taken the Tundra...), but it was definitely an adventurous journey! Let us know...
  11. LiveWorkWander

    Overland Travel Series

    Hey hey everybody! Allow us to introduce ourselves: we're Jessica and Jorge. We're married (sometimes happily, sometimes murderously) and have been traveling in North America full time (mostly) since December 2013. We started off our overland adventure in a 1974 Airstream camper, not a trailer...
  12. North Shore Scout

    Monty (1997 Mercury mountaineer)

    ohhh boy where to start! 1997 mercury mountaineer V8 AWD. in 2014 after 7 years of battle for SSI. i finally won my case. its hard to show fatigue problems when you look normal. but after 4 hours of work. im pretty much shot. thats not going to hold me back tho! i want to go offroading...
  13. Nicholas Holley


    Lets hear from those GOPRO professionals. I'm in the process of learning to record from inside my truck as well as attaching my gopros to my truck. The video is extremely shakey and dang near makes me sick while I'm watching it. What professional tips do yall have for getting some good footage...
  14. Texarado

    My Homage to Overland Bound

    As part of my new hobby, I put this together this week in hopes to spread the word about Overland Bound and help others find information on this great way of life. I hope you enjoy! -- Joseph #10654
  15. Hank Outdoors

    Overlanding on Youtube...

    What would you say are the best Overlanding channels on YouTube for trips, learning or DIY....? I have seen one by some guy named @Michael and another one by @Jake Wettern that are pretty good. Share a link if you would!
  16. [DO]Ron

    Social media..

    So I wonder, what social media channels does everybody use? I do have Facebook but rarely use it. Have used Twitter for years now, its simple and without much fuzz that’s why I like it. I just made a Instagram account as well though (check my signature :)), as so many people use it I didn’t...
  17. archee29

    How to Plan Your 4x4 Build - Motor Trend (YT)

    So, this video showed up in my subscriptions on YouTube. Just thought I'd share it. "How to Plan Your 4x4 Build" - Dirt Every Day (Motor Trend Channel)
  18. archee29

    Ford chirping the 4Runner?

    I came across a video that someone posted on the /r/4Runner sub-reddit. It's a video from the Ford YouTube channel of their comparison of the '17 Explorer vs '17 4Runner. As a proud owner of a '10 T4R, I was intrigued by what the Ford's arguing points would be for the Explorer. The answer...
  19. DiegoDA

    Youtube Accounts And Making Videos

    Well, as I start getting more interested in overlanding my girl and I thought it would be a good idea to start filming and documenting our progress from the beginning. how many of you guys have youtube accounts? and do you have any tips and tricks it would be helpful.
  20. Brutus

    Post Your YouTube channel

    I know that Overland Bound has a Youtube page but I was just wondering how many of us have pages as well. This is the link to mine.