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  1. Kengeroo

    weight distribution in truck bed

    Greeting folks, So I have my gigantic dometic cfx3 75dz on the passenger side.. dry it's 61 lbs, full of beer and food I imagine 100lbs. I want to install a yakima road shower (7 GALLON) on the passenger side on the bed rack, dry 25 lbs, wet 85 lbs. So with a total of 180 lbs extra on the...
  2. I

    2014 F150 XLT--let me know what you think.

    My daily driver as well. I have grand plans for the future, but currently in between careers so can't afford a whole bunch right now. A lot of DIY.
  3. Ubiety

    Father and son's classic and new Jeep Gladiator builds

    Dad started it all and the boy wanted to follow suit but in a more "classic" way. I have been updating the What Did You Do With Your Rig Today? thread with details on both but figured a build thread would be a better place to chronicle what's going on. Dad's build is in progress but has stalled...
  4. F

    Truck bed storage ideas

    So once I get my topper, I'm planning on putting a mattress in the back for camping like in the pictures. Thing is I need storage on the sides instead of a drawer system under the bed because I want to sit up. I know I can build it from wood, but I was thinking of pre-built things I could leave...
  5. CURRIN1776

    2011 F150 FX4 Build is Now Underway

    Hello Everyone, New Member and looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm in Southeast GA about an hour North of Savannah. Well versed in Survival, Prepping, Camping, etc. Lots of Offroad adventures growing up and time spent in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and practicing survival...
  6. D

    Gas/Diesel Availability

    Hi, I’ve been interested in Overlanding for a bit. I know in North America gas is the predominant go-to type of fuel, but I was wondering, is diesel or gas easier to find in Africa, Europe and Asia. I plan to tour around these continents, and I was wondering what type of fuel is easier to come...
  7. Ameyryan

    A diesel or not a diesel? That is the question.

    Through discussions on my previous threads, I have narrowed my build down to a truck as opposed to a Subaru Crosstrek or Jeep Wrangler (see Which one?). But here’s my next question... Should I go diesel or not? We intended to purchase a 3/4 ton pickup with the diesel option, most likely GM...
  8. D

    What Is The Best Source Of Electricity?

    What is the best source of electricity for an overlansing vehicle. Like if I had a pickup truck with a bed cap and I had electric appliances in it, what is the best way to power them, as the truck’s battery can not power it all. Is a generator good? Solar panels? What is a good source? Thanks
  9. AVTA

    2014 F150 "Red Barron"

    This is going to be a slight build as it's my daily driver and work horse. It's being set up as a long range traveler with the ability to do some trails. Currently it is stock except for the added lights 42" behind the grill, ditch lights, and the bright red cap. The plan forward is new...
  10. blitz

    1997 Silverado build

    Here is my 1997 Silverado K1500 that I'm building. It is used for a winter daily, overlander, tows my boat and car hauler. I bought it 4 years ago with ~220k for $1500.
  11. johnzulu

    European trip in the Alps

    One week, three countries, 500 miles. This was the first "big" (anything longer than a weekend) trip in the new rig, 2014 taco with 3 inch ProComp lift. First time overland in a truck this size and I definitely learned a lot. These pics are just a few of the raw pics that focus on the rig and...
  12. Remington_PRO4X

    Bed Tie Down Rails

    Hey All! I have these great tie down rails built into the bed of my truck. I am wondering if anyone knows of a company building storage boxes, gas can holder, etc that would have the parts to attach right into the rails. It would be nice to be able to tighten the box itself down vs using...
  13. seb

    Overland bound XXL

    Simply wanted to introduce BeepBeep. Already build but in need of some TLC and eventually some upgrades I’m sure Found in Milan, Italy and only picked it up last week. Fully kitted and ready expedition truck. Was fun driving it back to the Netherlands through the Alps. 6 litre, 6 cilinder...
  14. Joel S

    Custom Bed Cage?

    So i've been looking for a bed cage for a Tacoma (or really for any midsized truck with a 5' bed) and I haven't been able to find one that I specifically like. the closest one that I have found is the Wilco off road ADV Rack (Found Here - The...
  15. Old Griz

    Truck bed trailer

    Has anyone here built a truck bed trailer for overlanding ? I built one from a a 1969 Chevy truck. It is used as a water hauler. We live in a class A motorhome in the mountains of north Idaho full time. I have 4 plastic food grade barrels laid horizontal in the trailer. The first 3 are for...
  16. TheSkiingJeep

    TheSkiingRAM Build Thread

    The new build I'm working on is a 2018 RAM 2500 Power Wagon. You can find the most up to date news on the build at Here's some photos of the truck stock: I've got a ton planned for this build! Stay Tuned!
  17. ChrispyChris

    Favorite truck bed setups with no topper?

    Hi, I was wondering what everyone's favorite setups are like for an open truck bed. Whether you have an RTT, bed rack, or whatever, I'd like to know your thoughts/preferences. I'm thinking of doing a crossbar kind of system to mount two Plano boxes to with a nice big kitchen box on the Tundra.
  18. HEYElliott

    Truck cap reinforcement question

    To any pickup truck owners that run caps or toppers (whatever you call it); im interesting in putting a RTT from Burmis Outdoors on top but I am weary about the strength of the fiberglass with the dynamic weight of the tent while driving as well as the static weight of the tent with myself and...
  19. Brandon Harvey

    2003 Ford Ranger Edge Plus

    So after much deliberation the decision is to keep the good old Ford Ranger and use it for the build. So now I get to start a build thread (The son and I are pretty excited about this) to keep track of the progress. I will also be starting a post on my blog ( ) to...
  20. 805RADO

    2017 Silverado 1500 Z71 new build

    Hey all, would love any advise as I am a new OB member just getting into things. I have a 2017 silverado 1500 with a Z71 805 offroad edition. I have leveled the truck and put on a rigid sr 10" in the grill and dually midnight on the hood mounts. I currently have a tentsile tent as my main...