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  1. Krieg

    Tire Recommendations on 2006 Xterra 4WD MT

    Hi all, new here. We're looking to replace the tires on my new-to-us Xterra. Here are the details: 2006 Nissan Xterra 4WD MT Planning on slight improvement in struts/shocks and maybe strengthened rear springs (for the weight, not for the lift) No lift planned Want to go from 265 70 16 to 265...
  2. bamakojon

    Tire Questions: Cooper Discoverer AT vs. AT3--Differences other than $$$$ ?

    Any light that anyone can shed on the functional differences between the Cooper Discoverer AT All-Season and the Cooper Discoverer AT3 would be great. From what I can tell, they have the same load and speed rating, similar tread pattern, but a $100 price difference per tire! The AT is a 55,000...
  3. Wotan

    FOR SALE Near Omaha (NE): Five Wrangler Rubicon OEM tires

    After replacing my OEM rims and tires (BFGoodrich M/T 255/75R17) with steel rims and 33" tires (305/70R16,) I have the five OEM rims and tires, with less than 3000 total miles on them, available for sale. Located about 40 miles North of Omaha, NE. Pick up only, no shipping! Can meet...
  4. D

    Tire Size and Bead lock Necessity for Airing Down

    I'm looking for advice and experience regarding tire size and the necessity of bead lock wheels for airing down. I'm driving a 2020 Jeep JLU Rubicon Diesel. It serves as both by daily driver and overlanding rig so I'm keeping modifications to a reasonable level. However I do plan, in a few years...
  5. P

    SOLD *SOLD* Power Tank Combo $675 Sacramento Ca

    Hello everyone, I have a set of 2 (two) 10 lbs Power Tanks for sale. Excellent condition. Less than a year old. Used roughly 4 times. 1 Candy Red 10 lbs tank w/boot 1 Candy Blue 10 lbs tank w/boot 1 HP250i - 250 psi regulator 1 (one) 30 foot coiled hose 1 silver super bracket 1 Trooper - 0-60...
  6. bamakojon

    Affordable A/T Tires

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried some of the cheaper A/T tire brands, such as ones that are available at Walmart. specifically I'm interested in the Travelstar Ecopath A/T. They look nice an have generally positive reviews, and and the price is pretty hard to beat if they're decent. Are there...
  7. NC-RKing

    Airing Down Nitrogen Filled Tires

    Hey all Probably super silly question. But just realized my new truck came with Nitrogen filled tires; never real dealt with anything but air filled. Is it ok to just top them off with air after airing down for the trail? Thanks Rob
  8. TheGreyhound

    What do you air down to?

    Trying to get a feel for what kind of numbers I should target for more comfortable off road exploring.... I’m in a AWD Honda Element on 235/70r16 hankook dynapro at2.... great mannered tire on road, didn’t take much of a mpg hit at all from stock 215/70on road tires..... I’ve been running...
  9. wk2traildragon

    Tire width for a daily overland rig (JGC WK2)

    Adding a 2.5" OME suspension lift to the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited I picked up to turn into my overland rig named "Trail Dragon". However, this is also a daily driver. Because I've run them in the past and loved them, I'm going with Toyo Open Country M/T: Off-Road Tires With Maximum...
  10. Iridium

    US Rocky Mountain For Sale/trade - Northern Colorado - tires Goodyear Wrangler adventure with kevlar 265/70/r16 - 2600 miles - local pickup/ buyer pays shipping

    I recently upgraded my tires and have a set of 4 Goodyear wrangler tires with only 2600 miles mostly city driving, about 20 miles total on easy to moderate rated trails. I'm located in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am willing to trade in person or sell and exchange locally or ship if buyer pays...
  11. Donegal Overlanding

    Our solution to BF Goodrich not using white lettering any more on their Mud Terrains.

    This is our first video showing anything from our very special project Land Rover, The Red Lady RELOADED. She is a Discovery 1 built on a Defender 130 chassis with a single cab conversion and an electrically lifting solid walled rear camper body. In this first video, we start from the ground...
  12. Pek2001

    2014 Toyota Land Cruiser - What to Do?

    Hi all - I just purchased my dream vehicle, a 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser, only 47,000 miles!! While I know the vehicle is very capable stock, I was really hoping y'all could provide me some must do upgrades. My background - fairly novice to Overlanding, so please not only give your thoughts of...
  13. AaronB

    Tire size info

    When i was researching tires sizes for my truck i compiled the reference list below. Maybe someone here will find some of this useful. Wheels and Tire Sizes 2013 Chevy Silverado Stock Wheel = 17x7.5 +31mm offset - 6x5.5” bolt pattern Formula = 1. Width x Aspect Ratio = Side wall...
  14. Thenorthremembers

    US West Cooper STT Pro (set of 5)

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately due to my changing family situation, I am selling these wonderful tires. They have less then 500 miles on them, and are in great shape. Currently they are on wheels and due to mandated shit downs I can't have my tire shop take them off, so you will get the wheels for...
  15. stickel

    SOLD West US (Las Vegas area): 5 stock Land Cruiser 200 wheels & tires - $350 - local pickup

    Selling the stock wheels and tires which came with my 2013 Land Cruiser. I bought it used so can't be certain how many miles are on the tires, but it had 80k miles when I bought the rig (I put maybe 100 miles on them before upgrading). Check the pictures for a better idea of the tread condition...
  16. Amanda C

    Tire size, wheel Size & Regearing

    I am now looking to start my overland rig build and have an upcoming road trip from Toronto to Seattle in January 2020. The present tire is not 3 peaks (snow rated) and I think it would be prudent to change them in preparation for meeting cold weather as i travel west. I would like to...
  17. Socal R50

    Tire Help

    Hello, I have a 2001 Nissan pathfinder se (r50), and am looking to get some tires. My SUV is currently stock, and my tire size is P255/65R1, but the xe model has 245/70R16 (the size i want to move up to). There are more sizes available in the xe model size, but the issue choosing tires from the...
  18. D

    35" vs 37" tires for Jeep Rubicon Unlimited w/ Turtleback Trailer

    I'm putting together my build for the upcoming 2020 Diesel Wrangler and I'm going back and forth about 35" vs 37" tires. I've scoured various forums, but trust this one the most (most reasonable and down to earth people who are least prone to flame wars). Any advice from those living with 35's...
  19. M

    Titan Xd - Tire Recommendations

    Hi OB, this is my first post I have a Cummins powered Titan XD and needing some shoes. I love the look of the Grabber X3 and the BFG KM3 however I am a little scared about the road noise. So I have tossed around Grabber ATx, Nitto Ridge Grapplers, KO2, ect. Can you give any advice for some...
  20. VA6IKR

    Need help choosing my first set of AT tires!

    My rig is a 2004 Honda Pilot. I’m trying to decide what my first set of AT tires should be. I’m mostly oriented towards softroading as i tend to stick to the gravel trails in the rockies here, though i do wanna attempt some slightly more technical trails in the future. My commute is all highway...