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  1. Kent Stein

    35" vs 37" tires for Jeep Rubicon Unlimited w/ Turtleback Trailer

    I'm putting together my build for the upcoming 2020 Diesel Wrangler and I'm going back and forth about 35" vs 37" tires. I've scoured various forums, but trust this one the most (most reasonable and down to earth people who are least prone to flame wars). Any advice from those living with 35's...
  2. M

    Titan Xd - Tire Recommendations

    Hi OB, this is my first post I have a Cummins powered Titan XD and needing some shoes. I love the look of the Grabber X3 and the BFG KM3 however I am a little scared about the road noise. So I have tossed around Grabber ATx, Nitto Ridge Grapplers, KO2, ect. Can you give any advice for some...
  3. VA6IKR

    Need help choosing my first set of AT tires!

    My rig is a 2004 Honda Pilot. I’m trying to decide what my first set of AT tires should be. I’m mostly oriented towards softroading as i tend to stick to the gravel trails in the rockies here, though i do wanna attempt some slightly more technical trails in the future. My commute is all highway...
  4. DrivingTacoLoco

    Tire Advice

    I presently am running 4 BFG Rough Terrain 265 70 R17's that are pretty new and have many miles of life left in them. My spare is the original with the truck. It has never been used. While it's full of air I'm sure it's dry rotted. I have a tire carrier for a second spare and just purchased a...
  5. johnO

    New Jeep Wrangler Sport S - Tire & Suspension Recommendations?

    Hey guys - we just got back from the NW Overland Rally and my wife really got the bug , so ... we traded in her daily driver for a 4 door JL Looking at starting on some mods right away. I have a 2018 Runner (TRD Off Road) and have spent the last year or so mod-ing up, but now starting from...
  6. HoneyBadgerXJ

    SOLD Tires and Wheels for sale

    Have a set of 5 wheels and tires, mounted and balanced. 15x10" American Racing ATX wheels with 33x10.5 BFG Mud Terrain KM3s. 5x4.5 lug pattern, fits a variety of Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees. The 4 currently mounted have less than 1000 miles, 5th is brand new. Asking 1500 OBO. Located on Camp...
  7. Baipin

    CA Central Canada FS: Bridgestone Dueler H/L Tires + Subaru 18" Alloy Wheels

    Selling a set of 4 Bridgestone Dueler H/L tires (P225/55R 18) on OEM Subaru Forester XT 18" alloy wheels (5x100 bolt pattern). Located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. These wheels and tires are almost new - they have had very little use; no more than 2500 km's. Excellent tires for city...
  8. A

    Wheels and offsets for 2015 Xterra

    My Xman currently has the stock P265/75R16 Hankook® tires with the 16" wheels. I'm planning to upgrade to the BF Goodrich KO2s. I did a 2" suspension lift, so my tires/wheels look tiny, plus I'd like more secure off-road performance. I also upgraded to the Heftyfab front bumper, which created...
  9. Gabriel Bozeman


    So I am looking into getting new tires for my Land Rover (P38). I have heard and seen good things about the BFGoodrich KO and KM tires, but I've also heard of the Open Country line from Toyo Tires and various tires from Cooper. I'm currently running 28 inch tires (stock, I think). I am thinking...
  10. S

    US Southeast Goodyear wrangler Kevlar tires for sale

    4 Goodyear wrangler with Kevlar all terrain tires for sale. Came on my 2019 Toyota Tacoma trdpro. They have 250 miles on them. Great tires just want something different. $500. Available for Dallas pickup. Call or text me at(469) 859-9493. 265/70R16
  11. Inspiration overland

    Milestar Patagonia MTs

    I figured I'd give a quick tire review after 6 months with the Milestar Patagonia MTs. I have them on my 99 Explorer and have put about 6,000+ miles on them. Still exceptionally quiet on the highway. They are 33-12.50x15s on 8 inch steelies. They have really good sidewall flex and with the SWB...
  12. Buzzard13

    Tire Size - Master Post

    Felt like there should be a master post for talking about Tire sizes and Lift kits we have on our rigs. Currently My 78 has the stock ride height, and 235/85R16, I believe 31" tires. I am doing research and gathering ideas for my first build project. Truck will be used as a trail rig, tow rig...
  13. Zach Jacobe

    Wrangler JL to JK Tires?

    Hello fellow overlanders! I have recently upgraded to a jeep wrangler. I absolutely love the new JL Rubicon Rims and tire combo. SO! to my fellow Overland Bound Jeepers, does anyone know if the JL Rubicon wheels can bolt on to the JK safely? I have heard the bolt pattern is the same but the...
  14. Patrick Langan

    Tires and Axles

    Want 35's but reading I now need to upgrade my axles, is 35's better than 33's? I have a 2015 Sahara JKU... I went that route because, I eventually will upgrade axles and they'll be better than what's on a Rubi. I want to put 35's on but now reading that I should also upgrade axles for any tire...
  15. S

    FOR SALE 5x BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T 275/75r17 Tires, 4 OEM 2016 4runner wheels and one spare - $750 - Local PU

    For Sale I have 5 BFGoodrich KO2 A/T tires lightly used. Maybe 10k miles.. The 5th was always held as a spare and never used. 4 original wheels from a 2016 4runner Trail Premium and the spare wheel. Asking $750 for all Local pickup only in the Denver area
  16. Matt Hixson

    FOR SALE Five 37x12.5R16.5 Treadwright Guard Dog MTs for sale I bought these for my 1996 Hummer, but I do not like the way they handle on pavement. If you live in western WA I would be willing to meet you halfway. Anywhere else and you'd need to arrange and pay for shipping. Tires have about...
  17. Chadlyb

    Toyo RT do they perform for you?

    So my gf is about to put some Toyo Rt tires on her Toyota Tacoma and we were wondering about the performance of them....what do think? The good , bad, the ugly.
  18. Chadlyb

    Hankook MT do they perform for you?

    So I'm running Hankook MT tires on my Toyota Tacoma and was wondering if anyone else has personal input on their experience? The good ,bad, and the ugly.
  19. Leclerc.27

    What to do with Tires

    I have a set of Michelin tires that came stock on my 2015 WK2 Limited that I replaced with larger Nitto Terra Grappler G2s. I’ve thrown them up on sale here and on CL for short money, they have like 24-25k on them, in great shape, but no bites. Can I sell them to a junkyard or something? And...
  20. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Bigger Tires = More Upgrades

    Depending upon your rig and tire size. At what point do you think components directly effected because of the larger tire size would need to be replaced? Would you replace these first? Re-Gearing? Ball Joints? Axle Trusses and C-Gussets? Axle Shaft Upgrades? Bigger brakes to compensate for the...