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  1. TahoePPV

    In Hot Pursuit

    Not only 2WD, but with a twist. My overlanding rig was a highway patrol interceptor in is former life. It’s complete with a police suspension, including a 3 inch drop, a G80 rear locker, and speed rated tires. It’s fun on and off road. So far, I’ve done several tours through the Texas hill...
  2. TahoePPV

    I needed a center console - An idea is born

    My new to me tow vehicle came without a center console. There was plenty of space, and I definitely wanted to use as much as I could. At the same time, I had a stack of 50 caliber ammo can taking space in my garage. Look at all that real estate! Step one! Make a level playing field. I...
  3. UltimaSanctus

    New guy from South Carolina

    Hey everybody, after a couple months of lurking I finally joined the forum. I am a complete off-road/overlanding newbie from Greenville SC. I bought a 2004 Tahoe Z71 back in November and really have only done preventive maintenance so far but it will be a slow build. I hope to be able to make it...
  4. overl4nd

    US West Event Cancelled - Mormon Emigrant Trail Snow 4x4 run - 02/17/2019

    Snow wheeling on the MET, going till the going gets impossible. This is our rally point. We will group here and then head to sly park road
  5. Wolfy

    Power Wagon on Snake Lake Trail, Tahoe National Forest

    It’s a tense moment piloting a full size truck down a technical jeep trail. Each wheel placement critical, springs squeaking, rocks grinding under the tires, metal bits hanging low under the truck rasping over boulders in the trail telegraphing either minor scuffing or potentially catastrophic...
  6. 805RADO

    Trail Guardian Trail Cleanup - Truckee / Prossor Damn Shooting Range Clean Up - 06/16/2018

    Hey all! My name is Jordan Kepler. I just finished driving down to Overland Expo with Michael and camping the weekend at the event. AMAZING!!! Now I am trying to organize a fun clean up at the shooting range near Prossor Damn In Truckee CA. Out back behind the lake there are tons of miles of...
  7. Nico

    99 Yukon

    Making progress on my rig! Need some ideas on bumpers, fender flares, rock sliders etc. Here are some photos of where I'm at so far. Cheers, Nic
  8. Smileyshaun

    (for sale) KRONK my obs 99 tahoe. Big, dumb but reliable

    Edit : I finally figured out a name for this thing Kronk . If you have never seen the movie emperors new groove go do it ..... right now . we came up with the name because it's big , dumb but reliable and when I got it everything in the suspension squeaked and it reminded us of Kronk speaking...
  9. Nathan Gilmer

    Teddy the Tahoe - Build and Adventures

    First of I just want to say hi! I am from Denver Colorado. I posted once before about my Jeep Commander. I still have that car but it is now my wife's daily. I didn't have a good overland rig for a bit until a couple months ago. I picked up this 1996 Chevy Tahoe on Craigslist for $500 needing...
  10. AdventureWithDanan

    13k miles around the USA

    I've been meaning to post this for some time and I never feel like I've got my pictures and story organized enough, but I'm gonna share it anyhow! After several years of working to make things go right and ends meet, I told my wife half way through the year that in September (of 2015 this is)...
  11. Wolfy

    Hunter Lake Jeep Trail, Reno NV

    Re-posted from my blog. But no one likes reading blogs, even me, so here it is below... Local Adventures: Hunter Lake Jeep Trail It’s probably a common anxiety dream. You are at school, or work, or the local grocery store, or just at home and something isn't right. It doesn’t look like home...
  12. BEAR

    Morman Emigrant Trail: Picture heavy

    On Sunday despite the torrential down pour we were getting here in the Bay Area the MET mission was still a go. We had 5 rigs with us by the time we all caught up with each other on the freeway. David, myself and my friend Dave met in Fairfield and then like a Airforce mid air re-fueler we met...