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  1. Mario Ol

    US Southwest Dallas / Fort Worth Meetup (next trip planning)

    Dallas / Fort Worth Meetup to plan our next trip and meet new members Oct 11th @ 11am.
  2. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Monthly Meetup - Rigs. Food, Drinks, and Conversation! - Re-occurring

    Come and check out some rigs, talk Overlanding, exploration, and trail riding. I'll be there from 6-8pm and hope to see you there! Come hang out with other members, talk gear, rigs and routes. We'd like to start doing some trail runs, camp outs.. etc together and would love your input and...
  3. Hank Outdoors


    Hello East Region Overlanders!!! Let's get the East going! Anyone have any interest in setting up a "local to you" meet-up, trip, Rigs and Coffee or Pigs and Rigs? Spring is on the way...let me know how I can help! Message me @Hank Outdoors if you're itching for more events in your area...
  4. CaptAdv

    Trip Planning and Locked Gates

    I live in Seattle and it seems like I'm always planning to go somewhere, drive there turn off the road and hit a locked gate. I figured this happens all over the US as well, so I thought I'd make something to help us locate locked gates so I made an app. I have information about locked gates...
  5. CROwarrior21m

    New Zealand Trip

    Currently planning a trip across New Zealand. Basing it mostly on what my brothers did a few years ago, but looking for other things to add to the list to try and hit up. Won't be with my truck, but will consist of plently of camping sites between beaches, mountains and fjords. Won't be any...
  6. ovrlndr

    OB Approved The Importance of Search and Rescue Insurance, Donations, and SAR Cards (US)

    This article applies to the United States, but the information may be useful to those outside of the U.S. as well. Being that search and rescue is typically a responsibility that falls to local law enforcement and varies state-to-state, it is difficult enough to scope this article for just the...
  7. Boort

    Insight on Camping in the Eastern Sierrias

    Does anyone have any good dispersed camping in the Eastern Sierrias between Bishop and Lee Vining? Trying to meep up with some firends who will be driving a mixed collection of rigs including one large Rental SUV (IE: Suburbun, Expidition, Tahoe Xl etc... Not really an offroad rig) since they...
  8. Trail_Blazer

    Trip Planning and Navigation using ONX Maps

    I searched for Onx Maps on the site, but didn't find any reference to it. One of the big challenges is planning off-road or back road trips in the open spaces. A lot of these areas are owned by ranchers and farmers that don't want you on their property. And you can't really blame them when...
  9. HappyOurOverlanding

    Reminder: Upcoming Reno Overlanding Group Meet

    Remember to RSVP on the meet up thread for the group meet and planning session. If you can't access that thread, please PM me for particulars. ...Thanks Encourage, Educate, Explore
  10. HappyOurOverlanding

    Reno NV- Meet & Greet Planning Thread

    There is some interest from a few Reno-ites to set a Meet & Greet in the Reno area. If you are interested in meeting fellow OBers, then add your desired time and day to the thread (weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon). This meeting is to pave the way for on-going meetings, topics of...
  11. TRT87

    Where do you get your maps?

    Where do you get your maps? So, I am a map nerd. I’ve always loved them. As outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders maps are vital to our exploration. There are many places to find maps and I have researched a number of free map sources, many that are capable of being used with GIS programs...
  12. Rubyredfozzy

    P.A.C.E plan

    Having redundant means of communication, recovery, medical, routes, etc. Is a part of trip planning most people dont really think about. I have a rule ive gone by for most systems or points of failure on Any outing. The acronym PACE helps set in redundant methods for just about anything...
  13. Rubyredfozzy

    Trip planning and preperation

    This is something ive broken down from my military operations order. Ive simplified the planning process to overlanding specific but its a good list of things to do in order to ensure a good trip. Step 1. Make a tentative plan. Set out the basics of the trip. The 5 w's is a...
  14. TRT87

    OB Approved Lost and Found: File a trip report!

    Lost and Found: File a trip report! - Tyler Tennies We as Overland Bound members love exploring. It’s a part of who we are, but what happens when we find ourselves with a broken vehicle, lost, or worse yet injured and alone? Exploring remote locations alone or in a small group can turn south...
  15. TRT87

    What Map Program AKA Geospatial Information System (GIS) do you use for overland planning?

    So there are many Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) on the market for the outdoor enthusiast. They all have varying degrees of usability, ease of use, and features. I was curious which ones were most popular among Overlanders. Personally, I love Google Earth. I’ve used it for years in the...
  16. CaseyW

    Over-road: comprehensive route planning tools

    Looking for recommendations for a good route planning website and app combo that would help with routing a multi-day long distance road trip. Bonus if it has logic for fuel range, daily start/stop timing, camping/hotel recommendations along the route. This is a different focus than trail...
  17. CameronDallaire

    Trip from FL to LA

    I am a brand new member and hardly know how to work this app/site yet haha. If there is already a thread for this than I apologize. I am 25 and have my 2013 JKU almost set to go for LA Cali. I am traveling from st.augustine FL and the maps won't show up for me in the app. I wanted to map out how...
  18. archee29

    How to Plan Your 4x4 Build - Motor Trend (YT)

    So, this video showed up in my subscriptions on YouTube. Just thought I'd share it. "How to Plan Your 4x4 Build" - Dirt Every Day (Motor Trend Channel)
  19. FrankRoams

    Last Minute Trip from OC to Las Vegas - Places to Explore?

    Hello all, A co-worker and I decided last minute to drive instead of fly to Vegas, to take advantage of the time to do some exploring. Anyone have any good spots to check out along the 15 hwy or maybe 66 (not sure we'll take this route)? Was already thinking of doing some trail around Calico...
  20. PanthurBRZ

    Arizona - Lake Pleasant Trail Planning

    Date: October 1st Tentative Time: 1:00pm Location: Lake Pleasant Possibility of setting up various meet-ups throughout the area to cruise to the lake prior to the trail. Putting feelers out there to see who all might be interested in a driving a relatively-easy off-road trail sometime in the...