New Zealand Trip

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Currently planning a trip across New Zealand. Basing it mostly on what my brothers did a few years ago, but looking for other things to add to the list to try and hit up. Won't be with my truck, but will consist of plently of camping sites between beaches, mountains and fjords. Won't be any off-road since we'll be renting the vehicle. I'm excited, and I can finally fulfill the title of being the last member of the family to visit the country.

Things that I am currently missing are on the East side of the Southern Island. Primairly between Christchurch and Dunedin.


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Hi @CROwarrior21m I live in Auckland so have plenty of ideas for highlights but more so in the North Island. Hopefully we can meet up, if we head out to Muriwai Beach in West Auckland and the weather is nice I'll take us for a drive around the sand dunes in my Jeep