P.A.C.E plan

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Having redundant means of communication, recovery, medical, routes, etc. Is a part of trip planning most people dont really think about. I have a rule ive gone by for most systems or points of failure on Any outing.

The acronym PACE helps set in redundant methods for just about anything you can think of.

Primary- usually the most reliable and easiest method.

Alternate- usually just as easy and reliable and a solid back up.

Contingency- this method may take a little more time or resources to acomplish the same task however the job gets done.

Emergency- last ditch effort and usually the more time consuming method, however like the contigency still gets the job done.

An example of a good pace plan for communication would be..

P- Cell phone
A- sat phone
C- HAM radio
E- CB radio

There are so many aplications for a pace plan and you may already do this but having a deliberately planned backup is worth its weight in gold.

Happy trails.
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