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  1. FrankRoams

    Bradshaw Trail

    Thinking of Doing Red Canyon to Bradshaw Trail. I would start at I-10/Summit RD Exit and finish in Blythe taking the 78 up to the 10. Google calls it 83 miles of dirt, with about 4.5hrs to complete, if you don't stop, which we will. Any of you done this? Is this better as an overnight trip...
  2. Captain Josh

    How much Fuel is enough?

    I'm planning a trip through the upper Mid-west this summer (North/South Dakota, then into Wyoming and Colorado). I expect along the highway portions (which honestly will be the majority) that fuel won't be too hard to come by... but when I start adventuring off the highway, how much fuel should...
  3. Captain Josh

    General Trip Planning

    How do you plan for a trip to parts unknown? Maps are a great place to start, but what else do you use to determine what areas to explore, what's available, local rules and regulations, etc. Good advance planning makes for a positive experience, so how do you all do it?