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  1. Mustang03

    US Southwest Vermilion Cliff Photography Trip May 12-14th, 2021

    A couple of days exploring and photographing/videography in the Vermilion Cliffs NM. Leisurely-paced and loosely structured, allowing ample time for photos and conversation. We'll base close to White Pocket. View Rally Point
  2. NathanPAnderson

    Making Money with Overland Photography

    Hello all. I'm just wondering if there are ways to make a fair amount of money with my overland photography. I mainly do it as a hobby and I take pictures on trips with my friends. So I don't charge them anything to take photos. For starters, I'm a novice at best so I don't feel that asking for...
  3. Yaniv

    The Hunt for the rare EOS R5

    It all began a few months ago with some rumors... lots of rumors about a new mirrorless beast from Canon - a mirrorless replacement for the 5D DSLRAnd me? just bought a new DSLR (90D). I always wanted a full-frame, and having 2 birds in one go was very appealing to me (full-frame and...
  4. Smokey_Bear_JLUR

    Missouri The Beautiful- show off YOUR state (pic thread)

    We often see shots on here of epic vistas in Utah, California, etc..but what about those of us in the "fly-over" states? I'm in Missouri, and the Ozark Mountains are in my backyard. We have GORGEOUS rivers, lakes, creeks, National Forest land and some amazing trails. I had a fantastic day in the...
  5. Rick Louie

    Sunset on the trail

    Some pics of my 4runner on the trail yesterday. It was a pretty epic sunset here in Colorado.
  6. Pindal

    Are you flying a drone? this information may be essential.

    New rules of the FAA for the recreational flight of drones. FAA Highlights Changes for recreational Drones New rules to fly the drones of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...
  7. J&J Offroad

    McBride Springs

    Why would you ever want to go to McBride Springs, Nevada? If you're into photography and wild horses and you like to explore it's worth a trip. I have been to McBride Springs three different times and getting there is fun, but if you're like me and you don't like to backtrack getting out of...
  8. Nickzero

    Thanksgiving Expedition with North GA Overland

    Over this Thanksgiving break I decided to solo it up to the North Georgia mountains for a 3 day Overland adventure. After the 8 hour drive up to Jasper GA from Sanford Florida, I ended up sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in my 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The morning brought a 20 degree...
  9. Reid Adventures

    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter

    Hello everyone. I am new to the community and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My mode of transportation will be my 2018 T4R TRD Off Road with basic 3" spacer lift and 285/70/17 KO2s. I haven't been "Off Roading" in many years so I am sure the vehicle is much more capable than what I...
  10. ovrlndr

    OB Approved Overland Photography: Storing and Sharing Photographs

    One of my absolute favorite things to do on forums, whether it be here on OB or one of the various other forums I'm a member of, is share photographs of adventures and trips. For me, photography is a hobby that I really enjoy pursuing and it goes hand-in-hand with overland travel. To avoid...
  11. ovrlndr

    Night Shots of Camp

    Post 'em up. Your best shots of camp at night. No sunset pictures. No sunrise pictures. I want NIGHT shots ONLY! Bonus points for awesome Milky Way shots with light painted vehicles or lit up tents, because those kind of pictures make me drool on my keyboard. Here's my best, now you go!
  12. Boort

    Stumbled upon this today

    Overland; Through the Middle of the World. Beautiful photography and trip report. Boort
  13. Road

    SOLD Rokinon 14mm f2.8 Wide Angle Lens (Nikon mount) - $279 - Ground Shipping incl

    Brand New: Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Ultra Wide Angle Fixed Lens w/Built-in AE Chip for Nikon This lens is brand new; still in the box with all papers; has never been mounted; never registered. I bought it for landscape and astral photography then got a great deal on a Nikkor lens, so went...
  14. Fortis Overland

    Fortis Overland Adventure Thread

    I wanted to start creating a thread for all of our adventures, photos, and recorded tracks to keep everything in one location, and to start sharing everything with the community. Starting off with our July 4th, 2018 adventure through Hotel Gulch and Winding Stairs in Woodland Park/Colorado...
  15. Hans Sommer

    A Great Site for Rig Porn...

    Greetings OB Photographers and Gear-heads. I wanted to share a company that was created specifically for automotive enthusiasts to highlight their builds. The founder is a Silicon Valley escapee who is following his passion and has setup a business that I think is very cool...
  16. NWNavigator

    Backroad Still lifes

    One of my favorite things to photograph when I travel are those found objects, worn walls, creaking doors and forgotten memories that draw my eye. As a professional in the film era I would wander around in the early morning hours with a few rolls of Kodachrome and my trusty Canon F1n. Now with...
  17. VisualOverland

    Keep your camera batteries warm!

    Had an overnight trip planned in the desert of Johnson Valley, CA this past weekend. It got pretty cold! Fully charged batteries went from full to low battery and even shutting down. Managed to get some video and a few shots on the DSLR. iPhone and GoPro's wouldn't turn on.. Lesson Learned. Keep...
  18. nickburt

    Drones for videography and stills

    Ok, so quite a lot of us have various cameras and associated lenses and kit etc... Who uses a drone? What make/model and why did you choose that one. And.......... importantly, how do you rate the quality of the video and stills it produces?
  19. D

    Instagram - Dedicated Overland Rig Pages

    This thread is to share you dedicated Instagram Overland Rig pages. Please follow the post format below. Post Format Your Name (First Is Fine) Instagram Username Overland Bound # (If you have one) Year/Make/Model of your rig State you reside in Please only post public pages not private...
  20. D3Overland

    Aerial rig/camp pics

    I'm sure many of us have a drone or other aerial filming device...anyone got any pics they would like to share..camps...rigs..or just the view :-)