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  1. FrankRoams

    US West RFD Show & Swap - Off-road Parts Swap

    The first Rigged for Dirt SHOW & SWAP is coming! We're partnering with TORCO and a few other partners to host a community off-road swap meet! View Rally Point
  2. Reichling

    US Northwest Boise / Treasure Valley Meetup

    Has been too long since we had a Boise / Treasure Valley meetup for Overland Bound! Wanted to get one scheduled so we can all put a face to the name and possibly get some trips organized.View Rally Point
  3. Corey M.

    Toronto & Area Meetups

    There has been some healthy discussion about an upcoming Toronto area meetup which now has a Rally Point Here. Of the active folks on that thread there were mainly Toronto and North West-ish (Bolton, Milton, Guelph, Kitchener, Orangeville). Discussion has evolved about possibly alternating...
  4. Hank Outdoors

    Canada - Central Region Meetups

    Hello Central Region Overlanders!!! Let's get this region going! Anyone have any interest in setting up a meet-up, trip, Rigs and Coffee or Pigs and Rigs? Spring is on the way...let me know so I can help! Message me @Hank Outdoors if you're itching for more events in your area. Sean "Hank"...
  5. Baipin

    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    _________________________________________________________________________________ Hello OverlandBound! This will be my thread for listing and explaining my current and future mods to my Subaru Forester '18 XT. Stock, it runs with a 2.0L FA20F Boxer engine with 250 hp, 258 ftlbs of torque...
  6. shveet

    Hello from Southern Ontario, Canada

    Hey guys, been lurking around the forums for a bid and decided i should say hello! so hello! I'm from Hamilton area, around the Southern tip of Ontario, Canada. Currently Picked up a new 2018 Tacoma TRD Off-Road, it might be over kill but it's a daily work truck, and intend to use it on some...
  7. HEYElliott

    Trail Guardian Trail Cleanup - Swift Rapids Rd - Clean up ONTARIO CANADA - 06/16/2018

    Swift Rapids Rd is a gravel, un-maintained rd that leads to the Swift Rapids. The road/trail takes you through crown land with trails, campsites and nature thats free and ours to enjoy. HOWEVER comma, there is a lot of trash and debris that people are leaving which makes the area look bad, is...
  8. Hosemonkey143

    Wanted Jeep JKU - Sub woofer delete panel

    Hey Everyone! I'm looking for a passenger side rear interior trim panel also known as the subwoofer delete panel. The Mopar part number is 1PU12DX9AD and here is a picture of what I'm looking for. Mopar in Canada wants an arm and a leg for a new one. Anything will work from a 2011 to 2017...
  9. HEYElliott

    Trail cleanup event.

    Hi Folks, since its the start of the offroad season I wanted to propose the idea of a trail run/ cleanup. Does anyone have any suggestions for a location that they think is in need of some TLC? Once we decide on a place I can make a rally point for the clean up and see about some guardian coins...
  10. Hosemonkey143

    First Timer Here - Ontario to the Rock (Newfoundland)

    Hello All, Rookie overlander Pete from Ontario here. I posted a similar thread in the Atlantic Canada section but figured this was a more appropriate location. It looks like the stars have aligned and I was able to get approximately 3 weeks off in August. I am trying to plan an eastern Canada...
  11. k_dipietro

    Insurance for Modified Vehicles in Ontario

    Hey All. Some of you may already know where I am heading with this thread... It seems that finding an insurance company who is willing to offer coverage for a modified vehicle is nearly impossible. Though I don't have any real mods on my Jeep yet, I do plan to at least upgrade the tires soon...
  12. D

    Eh-llo from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi! My name is Nick, I'm fairly new to the Overlanding community, being introduced to the ideology in the last year. I've always been an avid outdoorsman, from camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, etc. A friend of mine recently purchased a 2016 JKU, and since we've been exploring more...
  13. archee29

    Anyone here a member of OF4WD?

    So, is anyone in Ontario part of the OF4WD. I recently joined the OF4WD, and have found the Trail Index very useful as an amateur 4wheeler. Also, they have a decent amount of solid 4WD info and guides. http://www.of4wd.com/
  14. archee29

    Ardbeg Trail

    Hi everyone, Anyone done the Ardbeg Trail? If so, could you possibly post the location of the trail please (Google Maps, or something else)? I can't seem to find how to access the entrance. Also, if anyone has done the trail, would you mind providing your thoughts on it please (tips, tricks...
  15. HEYElliott

    Ontario Member Thread: Post your locations

    Post below and ill make a master list. That way if your looking for specific region info you can find out who to contact or meet with. Im amazed and pleasantly happy to see so many members in the area! We can make some good outings this spring and summer! Wiznodie - Addington Highlands Yota2313...