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  1. Alexantor

    New Memebers :)

    Hello New Fam! This is actually a account of a couple! I actually found Overland Bound through IG and was intrigued by the company and the community! We were actually trying to find a travel trailer or tear drop trailer however budget and towing capabilities of our Jeep made us decide a roof...
  2. StevieB93

    Hello Overland Bound Family - Newbie Member Here!

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new member and just joined over the weekend. Growing up in single parent home, my desire to be outdoors started as a young boy. When I was a teenager, I saw my first beautiful removeable hardtop 4Runner (1983), where I decided I'd one day buy a 4Runner. A few years...
  3. S

    New here, hello!

    Hello! I'm SteveTCook (OB#: 22888), new member from Utah. I'm not new to off-roading, but it's been a few years since I've had an off-road vehicle to my name. I just got a lift & off-road tires installed on my 2013 Tacoma, and I'm ready to start rockin! I'm hoping to use this forum to learn...
  4. Zachgreen36

    New member!!!

    Hey guys Zach here. I drive a 08 Jeep jku that I named "Ragnar" we have owned him for a little over 2 1/2 yrs. We are slowly putting money into him to transform him into a overland style Jeep. Currently it has a 3rd row seat installed due to the fact that its me and my wife and 4 kids. But as...
  5. Lore Mmutle

    New Member from Nashville, TN

    Hello, My name is Lore (Lor-ay). I live in Nashville, TN just moved here the beginning of 2018. I'm about to purchase, like today or tomorrow, a Gen 2 Xterra. I'll send pics when I get it. I have 0 overlanding experience but I love camping, hiking and photography. The rig will be my daily...
  6. whiskey7backroads

    US Northwest Western Washington Meet and Greet - 12/22/2018

    Introduction for all member of Overland Bound who live in Western Washington View Rally Point Details

    Referring new members

    I'm a new member to OB and overlanding in general but came from the Subaru racecar community and am still an active member of San Diego Subies. Is there a way to monitor or track referrals of new members? Is there a procedure in place to count toward badges and new member additions? I'm just...
  8. RKooistra

    Hello from Northern Arizona!

    Hey my name's Ren! I've been following OB on insta for a while now and decided that it was finally my time to officially become a member! I own a pretty cool Isuzu Trooper that's taken my mom (who also just joined up as OB 9109), my brother and myself to some pretty sweet places around this not...
  9. OverlandEasternCT

    Overlanders Eastern Connecticut

    Hey, I'm new to the community and was wondering if there's any overlanders based in Connecticut. More specifically eastern Connecticut. I'm pretty new at overland and was hoping I could find people nearby to help me get started!
  10. Kelly

    Do you get asked about your rig?

    UPDATE (11/16/16): If you'd like to order these cards (I got them from, but don't have the ability to add your info, I'd be happy to do it. Just let me know what you'd like it to say, and I'll lay it out for you. If you have the ability to put in your own info, here's the blank...