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  1. Jk.Overland

    simple kitchen ideas

    I am still building out my rig and I need a kitchen idea. I need it small, easy to breakdown or pack away, and preferably not a permanent fixture in my jeep. - I still use my jeep as my daily driver so it cant be always in there - When doing on a trip the back seat will come out so that space...
  2. youpers

    FOR SALE Toyota Hilux Bed Camping Trailer with Kitchen and Roof Top Tent (Bay Area)

    Go anywhere and bring the kitchen sink! This is a custom-built, off road trailer, based on a bed with just about every upgrade imaginable. Over-built to handle anything. Tows great on and off road. Roof-top tent with extra thick mattress added, full kitchen, BestTop soft top, Solar panel...
  3. Square Foot

    Show me your kitchen slideout setup

    Looking for a slideout kitchen setup that has space for a fridge, sink, and stove. Ideally I want something that only takes half of the width of my truck bed, so that I can still climb into the back of the truck bed. I've seen several that have two of the three (fridge, sink, stove) but not...
  4. R

    SOLD Clearview Kitchen - fold out cooking surface and storage - new in box; slightly damaged - $400

    Hi, This unit was very slightly dented en route to me as shown in the pics. Retails for $599, I’ll sell it for $400. Shipping from 94549 not included and does not come with the sliding/dipping tray.
  5. Baipin

    FOR SALE ONT, Canada - 2018 Subaru Forester XT + ADF 2.5" lift + custom rear bumper + camper Interior

    Just feeling this out and seeing if there's any interest in my Subaru. Not sure if I want to sell it as an overlanding rig or return it to stock, but in any case, I'm looking to sell. I need a large truck or van to live in/work out of long-term (i.e. vandwelling - I'd rather not rent an...
  6. Tres

    SOLD For Sale - TEXAS - Front Runner Fridge and Storage Slide Cabinet new - MAKE OFFER!!!

    UPDATE: I STILL HAVE THIS AND NEED TO SELL IT. ASKING 1100 OBO! I have a brand new, never used, Front Runner Outfitters Cub Pack Drawer and Fridge Slide cabinet. Bought brand new from Front Runner and it won't fit in my Bronco because of the slant of the back window at the top. I didn't pay...
  7. Road

    FOR SALE New Set of Chef-Grade Cookware: 4 pcs with lids, $79 + shipping

    Brand New: Eight Piece Vollrath Chef Grade OPTIO Stainless Steel Cookware with Aluminum Clad Bottoms - Stainless steel - Restaurant quality - Four sauce pots with covers - Aluminum clad bottoms for even heat distribution - Induction stove top ready and can be used on any stove surface Set...
  8. ovrlndr

    Anyone using carbon steel for cooking at camp?

    I know cast iron is popular for cooking at camp, but I’m interested to see if anyone is using carbon steel pans instead of cast iron? For those unfamiliar with carbon steel, it’s similar in concept to cast iron in that it must be seasoned and eventually develops a slick non-stick coating, it...
  9. Hourless Life

    Anyone have a Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System?

    So I've got a line on a Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System for $167 bucks (brand new) which is a steal! But I'd still like to hear from someone who has this unit or has used it. Please let me know if you have any experience with this specific unit. Thanks in advance. Eric AKA Jeepsies
  10. F

    FOR SALE Borderland Outpost

    Custom built in 2016 by Borderland Trailers in Utah. Visit the website Options on mine: Kitchen Package: Power Package (modified with no solar): Canteen...
  11. Boort

    What are Your Favorite Overland Recipes?

    Lets put together a collection of favorite recipes for the road. Over the fire, Back pack stove, Cast iron, Plow blade/ Skottle, On the Exhaust Manifold, Solar oven or any other way you enjoy your chow... Make them as quick or involved as you like but let's see what everyone is enjoying on the...
  12. Cole McClung

    Pull out kitchen & storage

    I recently built a pull out kitchen and storage to organize my cooking stuff. I spent weeks looking at peoples set ups (some crazier than others) and decided to go with something fairly simple to what other people are doing. I was going to mount it on tracks to be able to pull it out easy but...
  13. killallninjas

    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    Our weekend plans for camping with a group in N. Georgia were sacked when some nasty weather scared off most. We decided to head toward the storm to change the timing of the weather a bit. We hunkered down to get through a pretty nasty storm which brought the nice cold weather with it, and we...
  14. Gary Bzzz

    Rear storage and kitchen concept

    Like a lot of ideas, this one began with looking at what others have already done and deciding what fits best in my world. Thankfully I have the tools and skills to customize and make this type of project. I'll likely skip the interior jerry cans but keep much of the rest. Probably shorten the...
  15. Eric Haltom

    Anybody overland with a big stove?

    Ok, before I had an inkling that I was going to turn my rig into an overland vehicle (about a month ago or so) we had bought a Camp Chef, big gas grill. It a rather large 3 burner stove with a grill attachment. I know I can sell it for a loss and get a more compact one... but. I am in a full...
  16. Christian

    DIY camping stove lights

    another dead easy one: - tube clips/holder - usb powerbank - usb stick lights
  17. SCrunner

    DIY kitchen & drawer system in 2016 runner? For NOOBS!?

    Lately I have really wanted to install a kitchen setup in the back of my 4runner but I refuse to pay those prices. I do not have any building skills or power tools, I am curious of any ways to make this possible? I don't need anything crazy. (no spare tire rack to hold items) I want a fridge on...
  18. Wildland Outdoors

    Kitchens- Lets See Em

    I wanted to start this thread as I am slowly working on my camp kitchen. Please post up pics and a description of your setup if you like to help others like me figure out which way and what gear to use.