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  1. Craig Schueren

    Jeep Rotopax mounts

    So one of my problems with my Jeep JK is that I have a small gas tank and that means limited range, 200 miles normally. Being a 2 door, not a lot of room. But its mine and not changing it anytime soon unless someone wants to give me something. So I had done many different things but I think I...
  2. S

    FOR SALE AEV JK Rear Bumper $700 SoCal

    For sale is an AEV rear JK Bumper, just the bumper by itself, not the tire carrier. Looking for $700, bumper is in great shape, has the water tanks plumbed together with Pex and brass fittings with a ball drain valve in the center behind the tow hitch. These go for $970 new, and the bumper is...
  3. Braden Anderson

    FOR SALE Selling A bunch of Camp gear and Front Runner Outfitters rack gear

    Happy Summer OB Members! I'm cleaning out the storage and selling a few camp gear things along with several Front Runner Outfitters Gear that no longer work with my current setup. I have a 2016 Jeep JKU with a Front Runner Slim Line II Rack. These accessories are mostly bolt on items that will...
  4. RenoF150

    JK Wrangler Owner Looking to Switch to 4Runner TRD Off-Road

    Hey gang. I'm considering switching from a 2013 JK Wrangler 2dr to a 2017+ 4 Runner TRD Off-Road and I would love some feedback from people on who made a similar switch. Background: I'm a long-time Jeep person having owned everything from an early '78 CJ, YJ, XJ, and I currently daily drive a...
  5. fledwell

    Jeepers International Issue #1 is now LIVE!

    Issue 1 of Jeepers International is LIVE in digital with the print edition shipping this week!! Visit to view our first issue and subscribe today to print by clicking the Subscribe to Jeepers International button at the bottom of the digital edition or at...
  6. Sid

    Power distribution block in rear of Jeep JKU

    So I have an Apollointech pod (cheaper sPod alternative) but with all the accessories I am installing in the rear of my rig i.e. rear rack lights, dometic fridge, 12v sockets, etc. I would have to run tons of wiring to the back of my Jeep and I hate wiring! After searching youtube and not...
  7. SVgarage

    Anyone Have JK Bushwacker Aluminum Fenders?

    I've been looking around for some fenders to replace my plastic OEM fenders on my 2017 Jeep JK. I have decided on metal vs. plastic and have been considering Poison Spyder and Metalcloak- both have excellent reviews and feedback. Then I stumbled across these Bushwacker aluminum fenders, which...
  8. Hosemonkey143

    Wanted Jeep JKU - Sub woofer delete panel

    Hey Everyone! I'm looking for a passenger side rear interior trim panel also known as the subwoofer delete panel. The Mopar part number is 1PU12DX9AD and here is a picture of what I'm looking for. Mopar in Canada wants an arm and a leg for a new one. Anything will work from a 2011 to 2017...
  9. NostromoSurvivor

    New from Brooklyn

    Hello everyone! Rig: Ripley, my 2013 Jeep JK 2 door I’m a student and backpacking enthusiast, soon moving to Bend, OR to complete a BS in biology. Last year, I discovered the vlogger IAmJake and was deeply impressed by his unconventional CJ build. When I discovered the high cost of renting a...
  10. Chris Freeth

    Jeep JK get Yakima awning

    Jeep JK+Yakima awning=more time outside
  11. J

    NEED HELP - ESC & MIL lights came on after repositioned RTT ???

    I have a 2014 Jeep JKU. My RTT was positioned towards the back of the Jeep. I repositioned RTT to the front of the Jeep and loaded up for a road trip. As we pulled out of the house the ESC and MIL lights came on. Vehicle drove fine, and still does. Repositioned tent back to it's original...
  12. VisualOverland

    Solo Exploration to remote locations

    This week I had an interesting experience. Left Los Angeles mid week, and headed to the desert. Now, going to remote places by myself is not something I have been comfortable with in the past. This day I said "Screw it" and packed up my essentials, picked up some food and I was off. I had an...
  13. WesAdvance

    Jeep JKUR Base Platform

    Hello! I wanted to share my DIY Jeep JKUR base platform and tutorial. I'd love any tips, feedback or thoughts on things you would change or improve! I originally posted this at our blog, You Me & The Jeep, and you can find a materials list there as well. We stripped everything out of the back...
  14. BeastModeABM

    Affordable Jeep Stereo

    FYI fellow Jeepers. After tons of research I went with an affordable option through a Chinese company. I'm very happy with my decision. 10.1 inch screen with Android OS for only $400. YOU CAN'T BEAT IT!
  15. Shane Strong

    Finally on the forum: Member #2087

    Good day travelers!! My name is Shane and I"m finally on the forum. I've been a OB member for some time and I'm proud to be with such a fine group of explorers! I live Santa Barbara, Have two crazy boys, lovely Wife and love to camp. I grew on Kneeland Mountain in Eureka California and have...
  16. WildBill

    DIY Drawer storage 2014 JK

    Hey ya folks! After being inspired by @Ryan Welch , I have started working on a storage box for the back of my JK, it will be a simple two drawer system but It’s all I need. So far I have sketched out a plan based on the size I’m shooting for and made rough estimates on measurements and what...
  17. Bob Levenhagen

    Lockhart Basin, UT

  18. Jroettele

    Baja Mexico Dec 26th-30th 2017

    Hey OB amigos My name is Jeff. My Fiancé (Elaine) and I are planning a trip to Baja. We have some time off over Christmas break December 26th-30th. We are looking for the following. Advice; where to camp, routes, sites etc. People to join our trip. We are a young couple that love to film...
  19. Claymore F.T.E.

    Jeep JKU Full Length Roof Rack Cargo Basket by EAG

    I stumbled across this roof rack/basket on Amazon this morning. I'm not familiar with the company (EAG or E-Autogrilles), so I'm assuming it's a product of China. Basically it's a full length roof rack for the JK or JKU. The middle section of the rack is removable to shorten the length...
  20. fledwell

    Jeep Announces 2018 JK Line-up

    For those of you who anticipating the eventual launch of the Jeep JL you'll have to wait. We still have one year of the JK and the 2018 line-up has been released with three new editions. Read all about it here...