Jeep JKU Full Length Roof Rack Cargo Basket by EAG

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Claymore F.T.E.

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I stumbled across this roof rack/basket on Amazon this morning. I'm not familiar with the company (EAG or E-Autogrilles), so I'm assuming it's a product of China. Basically it's a full length roof rack for the JK or JKU. The middle section of the rack is removable to shorten the length. Obviously it's a knock off of the Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack judging by it's mounting hardware. It attaches directly to the Jeep hardtop on the drip rail and rear glass hinges. Based on the customer Q&A on Amazon, the rack itself weighs 80 lbs. and can hold 300 lbs. Oh and the price is $700. I'm not sure about the structural integrity of the Jeep hardtop and the mounting system. Just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone has any comments on it.




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I am currently using a ladder-rack style system that mounts to the rain gutters, and have been mounting 3 large Plano cases to it. I'm not all that happy with it because they sit pretty high, and are hard to access plus they destroy my gas mileage. I'm not really fan of drilling into my Jeep either (yet) so I had my eyes on this rack as well. Were you able to find any more info on it?