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  1. Brav

    New member in So Cal. Land Rover > Land Cruiser..

    Hello all - I am looking to get back into wheeling. I used to have a 2010 Range Rover S/C lightly modified. It was an amazing vehicle... until the 100k mile warranty was up, then it emptied my pocket. Coincidently, was very reliable with no real issues for the first 104k. Overspending on...
  2. J

    Interested in opinions of pros and con of the fzj80 and a discovery

    Looking to start a new build. I figure the best advise comes from those who have already owned either of these rigs. I’ve narrowed it down to a fzj 80 or a Land Rover discovery 1. Seeing if anyone have and experience with them and some of the pros and cons of both.
  3. RichieFromBoston

    Dobinson Springs Versus King Springs. Side by Side comparison.

    I got a set of Springs for my 97 Land Cruiser FZJ80 I was running 4in KING Springs with Slee Offroad Resovoir Shocks(ADS) With Landtank Swaybar links, drop blocks And A 30MM Whiteline sway bar in rear. https://www.dobinsonusa.com/ Dobinosns Ask for David Otero
  4. RichieFromBoston

    The original Overland rig

    Found this truck in a national guard post up in vermont, note the bed fridge etc. this as an OG OB member
  5. Lazlo

    Basics for FZJ80 maintenance

    Hello to everyone, I’m new and quite excited to have gotten a 1996 FZJ80 currently getting some body work, paint, and a mechanical “once over” at Proffitt Resurrection. I’m a surgeon, pretty good with my hands, and while I can take a spleen out blindfolded I’m not sure where to find an oil...
  6. S

    Hi, San Jose, California

    Hi! Just sign up after getting my first rig! Took it to the woods and sand over the weekend to end its 23 years of mall cruiser history and initiated its new life. Earned a few paint scars along the way but it is okay! Hope to join this group and learn from more experienced folks in my area...
  7. C

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser (Landy 2) Build Thread

    Hi everyone, starting this thread early/late depending on how you look at it. I bought a basket case 1995 FZJ80 last year that contains a much longer story than this thread is appropriate for. The short story goes that the 1995 has a rebuilt engine and the 1997 has a straight driveline...
  8. scarpediem

    Third Row Seats for 80 Series Land Cruiser (Los Angeles)

    Tan Leather third row seats for a 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Seats and mounting brackets Local Pickup Only. Los Angeles, CA $100 OBO
  9. JCruise

    Family Build...1994 FZJ80 Land Cruiser

    So this past May (2017) I purchased a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80. I had been casually looking into getting into the overland community when this cruiser popped up for sale near my cousin's house at Fort Bragg. Since we were planning a visit that weekend anyways, we decided we'd "just have a...
  10. RichieFromBoston

    another serious overland expedition to MOAB

    Well this was last weekend after doing hells revenge for 2 days I went with a driver from navtec and we ran kanes creek even tho I was warned by several locals that "we will bend our land cruisers" its starts out nice some fun crawls river runs etc and after about ten miles you come to whats...
  11. RichieFromBoston

    Heading out for 45 day Overland

    And not only will I be testing a veritable cornucopia of Upgrades Mods And custom DIY work to my 97 FZj80 I also be putting many new items to the test on every corner,valley and mountaintop In the USA. From the literal edge of the Atlantic all the way out to the Northwest down into Cali and out...
  12. RichieFromBoston

    Coast to coast in 30(ish) days

    Sept 6th Im rolling out from the edge of altlantic and Im heading towrds the pacific. its the reason Ive done major baselining to the rig, fresh batteries hoses wire PS hoses throttle cable tires, air cleaner lights rear drawers 1000 watt inverotr bussman fuseblock aux fan blue fan upgrade TREs...
  13. 94Cruiser

    80 Series Skid Plates?

    I notice that there are many manufacturers that make and sell skid plates for a variety of 4x4s, but I don't see much for the Toyota FJ80... Now, I know that the FJ80 is quite popular and even plentiful perhaps, and I'd think there'd be more available. That being said, while I've been lightly...
  14. RichieFromBoston

    For any interested Mettowee Sunday 4/30/17

    I heading out to the off road park in upstate New York be there all day, Gotta test the maximum capabilities of my build. Also heres a How to on rear drawers, 508-718-8253 text me if local and interested.I know its short notice, but hell Is what it is. Richie...
  15. OverlandTheWorld

    SOLD SOLD -1995 Toyota Landcruiser with 4BT Cummins 3.9L Turbo Diesel

    ***SOLD*** For Sale is our thoroughly built 1995 Toyota Landcruiser (80 Series) with a 4BT Cummins 3.9L Turbo Diesel. This is not your average diesel swap and is NOT a project car. Every major system has been gone through before and after our recent successful journey with it to the bottom of...
  16. RichieFromBoston

    Went out to Ma Bell in Massachusetts today

    And had no 4lo, so It got a bit dicey. Plus I guessed on air down as I left without my airdown guages, but still heres the video. Please sub to this new channel It will be all off road and like minded gear.
  17. RichieFromBoston

    Does anyone in New England Know where I can get tires?

    Know where I can get tires? I have 37 in mud terrains and damned if I can locate a set. I have 16 in rims and I need tires sooner than later. Please chime in, Im willing to drop a size If I must but this rig is dialed in with the 345/75/16s
  18. RichieFromBoston

    FZJ and FJ owners in Northeast UNITE

  19. RichieFromBoston

    IBS Dual Battery System

    I got a rig, and it already has the IBS system in it, problem is its reading the second battery as dead and giving the operating room Beep beep Beep (lovely) SO I took the yellow top out of my jeep and tossed it in(knowing this battery was fully charged and good to go, same thing its reading it...
  20. WakeUpAndSmellThe80

    Another 1997 fzj80

    Ok guys! Once the silver 80 sells I'll be getting down to business with the maroon 80! Stay tuned! So far the maroon car has bfg kos, a gobi rack and timbren rear overloads.