San Diego to Mt Shasta

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Hello everyone! I'm in the early stages of planning a big trip this fall. I will drive my 80 series from southern Minnesota to San Diego to Mt Shasta and back with 1 friend in a 13 day time frame. There are a few things that have to fall into place in order for this to work out, but for now I can get a head start on planning! I have gone on and planned several self sufficient trips before, but this will be my first vehicle-based expedition, so I'm open to all relevant input. I grabbed an entire notebook just for the trip and here's what I have so far:
1. Page that lists each of the following planning categories by page.
2. Overall goals for trip
3. Financial preparation and budgeting.
4. Vehicle preparation (maintenance)
5. Camping plan (campsites with backups)
6. Food plan.
7. Navigation route (map with destinations).
8. Communication considerations.
9. Safety/Risk Management (basic safety precautions and procedures)
10. Activities (hikes, day trips)
11. Equipment (what will be needed and what has to be prepared).
12. Final checklist. (All clothing and equipment packing list).
After these pages will be a daily itinerary; 1 page for each day. I'll leave out the details to keep this short but the overall goal of the planning is to have a simple, reliable and flexible plan to make the trip as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Like I said, I've never planned a vehicle based trip that is this big before, so any positive or negative feedback is appreciated! image.jpeg


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you've got a good list started!
That's a lot of miles in a short time. Heres some other
things that come to mind......
remove 3rd row seats..... belts<<<<(Toyota only!)....PHH coolant.....tire plug repair kit......switch to synthetic fluids?..Optional........
adjust rear wiper..:-).......cb or 2m ham radio.......maps......gps?......first aid kit! extinguisher......SPF30.....recharge A/C if needed........$$$ for emergency repairs........sunglasses.....Vikings shirt.......blankets,.....tent...sleeping bag? boxes ie:Plano 1819.....portable fridge or coolers....cookware...stove......roof rack?........I know im not listing everything.
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