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  1. Ben10s

    SOLD SOLD - Thule Tepui Low Pro 2 RTT $1000 - Jacksonville FL

    Selling my Thule Tepui Low Pro 2 rooftop tent due to a move overseas. Like new condition. Stored in garage. Located in Jacksonville, FL. Local pick up. $1000 Includes ladder, mounting hardware, rain fly
  2. cgranier

    US Southeast Southeast Overland & Off-Road Expo

    Anyone heading to the 2022 Southeast Overland & Off-Road Expo? Let's get together and swap overlanding stories. I intend to be there on Friday, March 4th and camp until Sunday. View Rally Point
  3. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD SLIM RTT from Hutch Tents

    Howdy! I decided to sell my new Daly 2 with Skylights from Hutch tents. 2 person tent, all weather. Mattress and anti-condensation pad all inside, plus Telescoping ladder. I like sleeping in my new Outback wagon. SOLD. more info: Daly 2 with Skylights - Preorder February and Hutch Tents Daly 2...
  4. Noble Savage

    US Southeast Merritt Island Cleanup Meetup

    Central Florida meetup/cleanup View Rally Point
  5. Farmjeepwrangler

    US Southeast Cedar Key Fl. Camping meet up

    **Attendees Please RSVP** Off grid camping in Cedar Key Florida. Relaxing weekend with members and some exploring of trails.View Rally Point
  6. Noble Savage

    Florida Overland Members

    I am new here and looking for other Florida Overland members to connect with.
  7. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD FourTreks Modular Awning Mounts

    selling a Pair of FourTreks awning mounts that was attached on my Yakima Roof basket (1inch dia.) to a ARB awning 2000. still excellent condition. $85 shipped! link is below on what i have. very similar! Modular Awning Mounts
  8. FL4TOUT772

    US Southeast YAKIMA Roof Basket with ARB Awning/Deluxe room

    For Sale: -Yakima Loadwarrior Roof Basket with extension -ARB Awning 2000 and Awning deluxe room (new) Had it mounted on my Subaru with no problems. Can be mounted on any vehicle with crossbars! I'm from port saint lucie, florida I'm asking $600 for everything...
  9. Nickzero

    US Southeast Jade Jamboree 2019 Ocala, FL - Food Drive

    Had the great pleasure in driving out and meeting Jake from the youtube channel 'IAmJake' this past Tuesday. The event was held at Blue Sink next to the Pine Castle NAVY bombing range in Ocala National Forrest, Florida. Many overland and outdoor enthusiasts gathered at Blue Sink ONF to donate...
  10. ChrispyChris

    California Road Trip: Part 1 - Wingin' It

    Hey guys! At the end of summer, my girlfriend and I headed west to California in her little Jeep Renegade. Here's the video from the first leg of the trip: I know it's not typical overlanding (maybe should've taken the Tundra...), but it was definitely an adventurous journey! Let us know...
  11. ChrispyChris

    Quick Trip from the 4th of July - Withlacoochee State Forest, Florida

    Hey guys, My girlfriend Nikki and I took a quick 3 day/2 night trip up to Withlacoochee State Forest in Central Florida for the 4th of July. It was really fun despite the heat, humidity, and bugs (these are constants for Florida residents). We like making videos of our adventures outdoors, so...
  12. PicNick

    Headed to Destin!

    Hey gals and guys, I'm headed to Destin, FL for a long weekend with some friends for some beaching, kayaking, and fishing. I saw that Point Washington is right down the road from where I'm staying, does anyone here have experience in this state park? I see a few trails on the official map, but...
  13. AdventureWithDanan

    FLORIDA - Ocala National Forest

    So since doing the first Southeast rally in May of 2017, the area commonly known as the slab has been closed down by the National Forest Service due to vandalism and excessive trash. Those of us who were there know how nice of a spot this is and those that don't can watch the video of the Rally...
  14. florida_trailhawk

    Greetings from Central Florida!

    New member from Orlando, here! Wanted to introduce myself and get started on the forums here. Born and raised Florida native (34 years), would consider myself a fairly experienced outdoorsman as I've been enjoying outdoor activities for my entire life, from Florida's waterways to California's...
  15. CameronDallaire

    Trip from FL to LA

    I am a brand new member and hardly know how to work this app/site yet haha. If there is already a thread for this than I apologize. I am 25 and have my 2013 JKU almost set to go for LA Cali. I am traveling from st.augustine FL and the maps won't show up for me in the app. I wanted to map out how...
  16. Brooks Travel Adventures

    Event Cancelled - Chasing The FLorida Sun

    This will be a trip starting on the east coast of Florida at Peters Point Beach on Friday night, waking up to the sunrise, Eating breakfast and then heading over to the west coast to camp and watch the sunset Saturday night.
  17. Brooks Travel Adventures

    Chasing the sun in Florida. Meet up

    Hello All, Planning a trip September 29th-October 1st for anyone who would like to join that will start at Peters Point Beach in Amelia Island Friday night, wake to the sunrise on Saturday morning and travel to the west coast for the sunset. (still working on west coast camp that will allow...
  18. Mission Overland

    Mission Overland-Florida Event

    Sunday July 16th 2017 10am - 5pm Ocala National Forest This event is open to anyone remotely interested in camping, overlanding, enduro bikes, car camping, van dweling, adventure bikes or simply offroading. We are holding a social for like minded people to discuss holding an Overland Expo in...
  19. SeguineJ

    PA to the Keys

    Alright guys and gals, I am starting my trip planning for my winter off. I work seasonally and collect a paycheck in the winter months without having to work. I know it is pretty great. This winter I am looking to play snowbird, yes at 25 my parents are super jealous. Anyway, I am looking to...
  20. AdventureWithDanan

    Pompano Beach, FL - Airplane Hangar - 17 June - 06/17/2017

    The 17th of June ClarkT (on the forums) wants to have a get together in Pompano Beach. I'm creating this event a bit prematurely because I don't have all of the details, for that I apologize, but the date is arriving soon and I wanted members to have as much advance notice as possible of the...