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  1. graybaker

    Diode Dynamics Fog Light Help - PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, I recently installed a set of diode dynamics fog lights on my 2018 Subaru Forester 2.5i. Boy oh boy was it difficult. Not only did Subaru not include any fog light housing for my car, but there was no switch in the dashboard or relay in the car for the lights. I went to my local...
  2. El-Dracho

    NEW: Electronics and Electrical Q&A

    Hi, @Kent R just notified me that we have this new subforum and he has asked me to say a few words about it, which I am happy to do. First of all, thank you to @HYRYSC who brought this idea up recently and to all others who supported this during this forums discussion. And thanks a lot, to...
  3. I

    (Probably simple) question about rocker switches.

    I am wiring in a bunch of different accessories to a Blue Sea Systems 6 Circuit Blade using relays. I will attach a picture of my proposed wiring. MY QUESTION: Can I solder all the rocker switches 12 V wires together (Blue) and then connect all three to the same fuse? If anyone sees a way I...
  4. redquatquat

    Question on removable roof rack with electrical accessories

    Hi, I hope this is the good place to ask (else let me know). I want to put some lights on my roof rack, front and back. But at the same time I want to be able to remove the roof rack from the Jeep when I am not using it. I keep the RTT on the roof rack in the garage when I am not using it, with...
  5. kithound

    Off-The-Grid Solar Setup Needs a Dummy Check

    Hey all, Gonna be spending some more time on the road soon, and I thought before I did I would install an auxiliary battery/solar setup for the Monty. I was initially thinking of getting a Goal Zero setup, Yeti 400 + Nomad, but the $750+ price tag has me exploring other options, and the idea of...
  6. P

    Wiring for future

    I am working on my 80 series and will add second battery in the future. I have the interior out and want to add some cable to rear quarter panel so I can have options for accessories in the future. What size cable would be suggested to run to have good options? For now will run refrigerator...
  7. S

    Need help with Switch Pros 9100

    Anyone know a good installation video or blog? I’m scared to start on this project and not being able to finish it within a day since my rig is a daily. Any tips or recommendations would be awesome as well! I currently have lights attached to harnesses and not exactly sure what I’ll have to cut...
  8. WillyGoat

    Exterior Electrical Connections

    I need some help. I have a Jeep JK and am installing an inverter. I want to have an exterior electrical connection but prefer not to have an RV style plug. Does anyone know of some good “waterproof” / “weatherproof” 120V connections that I can use? I thought I saw someone one here that had...
  9. WillyGoat

    Relay Control using Raspberry PI

    I am in the process of building a touch panel relay control system and am starting from scratch. I don't like the ones available on the market because of how I want the system to work. Picky, I know. I have figured out that I can use a Raspberry PI computer to control the custom relay system...
  10. Overland_Mike

    Power Distribution and Firewall Passthru

    Trying keep up with the other cool overland tundras, I started on my build. First up is getting the power sorted. I plan on tackling the dual underhood batteries next as I think I can cram a pair of dual group 35's under there. Anyhow, I'm not done on the power side but thought you guys might...
  11. nickburt

    Balanced battery charging

    Charging batteries connected in parallel. Ever wondered why a bank of batteries connected in parallel seem to fail sooner than expected? Most of us connect a bank of batteries together in parallel, which is, electrically, the correct way to increase capacity at a given voltage (in most of our...
  12. TacoVenturer87

    Auxiliary battery, how to?

    Hi all I'm contemplating adding an auxiliary battery to my 2010 Tacoma V6. Do any of you know how to get around that upgrade? What do I need? Controllers? Which type of battery is better (deep cycle vs. regular) Wiring (gauge?) Brackets? Any help is really appreciated!
  13. 4xFar Adventures

    OB Approved Warn XD9000i Winch Solenoid Replacement

    One of the great things about Warn winches is their serviceability. When I first got my XD9000i it wouldn't go into freespool. The entire planetary gear assembly was removed, cleaned and got a fresh coating of grease and hasn't had an issue in over 7 years of ownership. Late last Fall there...
  14. jdunk

    LED Wire Gauge Help

    I'm about to install a new roof rack, and redo all the wiring for my LED lighting. Due to having to pull wire through small spaces, be efficient, and make it easier to pull the wire... I was wondering if anyone a little more experienced could help out. I stumbled across this PDF that seems to...
  15. Runamok

    Arb fridge wiring kit for indel b fridge

    I installed the arb fridge wiring kit for my indel b fridge then noticed that the DC socket that comes with it is different than the 12v plug on the end of the indel B DC cord. Anyone have a solution for this or does anyone know if the ARB DC cord if I ordered it would fit into the indel b fridge?
  16. Laughing Otter

    Experience with Yellow Tops?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Optima Yellow top batteries. I just installed one. For years I've use Red Tops, but with the addition of exterior lighting, CB, Scanner, Ham Radio, 2 GPS units, and in the near future...a winch...I needed a "deep cycle" battery. The Red top...