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  1. S

    SOLD So Cal Marine Grade Plywood Truck Bed Drawer Sleeping Platform

    I am looking to sell a truck bed drawer/sleeping platform that I built for my 2019 Ram 1500 6.5' bed. Info: 32" Wide x 72" Long 3/4" Marine Grade Plywood Assembled using Kregg Jig (pocket screws, very sturdy) Coated with water based spar varnish Full Length Drawer slides on UHMW plastic strips...
  2. uncompromise

    Should we use 8020 or aluminium tube for our drawers and bed?

    i’m looking for feedback and advice on the best materials for our setup. We have a 2004 LWB Mitusbishi Pajero (Montero/Shogun) with a 2nd and 3rd row seat delete. We are going to be using the vehicle for extended on and off road travel throughout Europe and North Africa in a variety of urban...
  3. Gregg Pauly

    SOLD Baja Designs LP9 Sports and ARB roller drawer fridge slide for sale - SF East Bay - can ship either

    Hello. I'm in the San Francisco East Bay and can ship these at the buyer's expense. Selling a pair of Baja Designs LP9 Sports for sale with less than 10 hours of run time on them. The lights are in excellent condition. I do not have the harness for them but it can be purchased on the BD...
  4. Wanderlost

    Another Drawer Build, This One's Easy Though

    We just finished up another storage drawer system yesterday! This one isn't near as elaborate as our last, but is super easy and inexpensive to build. Can't wait to put "stuff" in it. If you're interested, we produced a detailed video of its construction.
  5. Lost Girls

    US Southwest Austin, Tx. Custom Storage System. $3300. will consider offers. Local or Texas pickup

    I know this system isn't for everyone but seeing if anyone is interested. I'm expanding the family and will need the back of my 4Runner for a different type of storage. I had this custom made about 2 years ago. It fits a 2018 4Runner. It may fit others? If seriously interested I can provide...
  6. B_Lang48

    FOR SALE 30" 450lb Heavy Duty Locking Drawer slides - $115

    Two pairs of Fulterer 5400L Heavy Duty Slide 30 inch Lock In/Lock Out drawer slides. (can be locked opened or closed) Each pair holds 450LBs. These are New/Never used, still in the box. Local pickup (southeastern PA) - $100 each or $200 for both If shipping, will sell for $115 each, or $230 for...
  7. Tres

    SOLD For Sale - TEXAS - Front Runner Fridge and Storage Slide Cabinet new - MAKE OFFER!!!

    UPDATE: I STILL HAVE THIS AND NEED TO SELL IT. ASKING 1100 OBO! I have a brand new, never used, Front Runner Outfitters Cub Pack Drawer and Fridge Slide cabinet. Bought brand new from Front Runner and it won't fit in my Bronco because of the slant of the back window at the top. I didn't pay...
  8. mitchellsk8s

    Dobinsons Drawer System for 5th Gen T4R

    Does anyone have any experience with the dobinsons drawer system, pros/cons, etc.? I just came across them and they look like what I'm going for. How was your install? Any info you have on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. tstead60

    Best way to secure a drawer system

    I'm getting pretty close to finishing the second iteration of the drawer system for the back of my 4th gen 4runner and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for securing them in the back. I used turnbuckles for the last variant and they worked okay but would constantly regularly loosen...
  10. Wolfy

    Simply Drawerless Drawer System with Slide-Out table from 1 sheet of Plywood

    This is version 3 of an SUV Cargo Storage deck that I’m calling a Drawerless Drawer System, and I think I’m done for now. Here's the build video with full process. At the end I address the critical measurements. Keep reading below for more build details and measurements for a 3rd gen 4runner...
  11. Eduardo Castilla

    2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Build Update

    I posted back in December on the build project of the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, here are some quick pictures of how it is coming along. This coming week we will be doing electrical and by the following week finishing it up by installing the Overland Adventure X hard shell roof top tent just...
  12. Brooke

    2006 Xterra Off Road Build

    Here is my plan for my 2006 Xterra Build. If I can stop breaking things long enough to move on to the build phase... For my purposes I want something that I can eventually drive to Alaska. I want to enjoy moderate trails, nothing as intense as the Rubicon. I have a vision for my build to keep...
  13. mrn3ff

    Marine fridge (drawer style) - integrated in drawer system?

    I've got a 5th gen 4Runner that I'm in the process of building a drawer system for. My dilemma with standard ARB/Engle/etc. fridges on slides, are I lose the ability of having a platform bed (for two). Still drawing and measuring the build but curious if anyone is using these drawer fridges in...
  14. Ryan Welch

    Wrangler Rear Cargo Storage Drawers & Pull out table

    I wanted to build a rear cargo drawer system for my 2016 Jeep Wrangler 4door. I did quite a bit of research and found some really good info out there but not a ton out there specific to the Wrangler. I’m not an expert builder by any means. I enjoy it and can get by, but I’m no master...