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  1. uncompromise

    DIY cargo deck plate advice

    For various reasons we’re thinking to install our own cargo deck plate full length in the back of the Pajero, with recessed logistics track so that we can make maximum use of the space. From my research, it seems like the process is to: Make a template of the area out of cardboard trace the...
  2. StevieB93

    80 Series FENDER FLARE GASKET set replacements

    Hi All, I purchased these 80 Series fender flare gaskets, which many folks from IH8MUD.COM have also purchased, when redoing their fender flares. Check em' out if you are looking to redo your fender flares for your 80/LX450. I do believe that you need a login for this site, in order to...
  3. OutdoorTxs

    Solar Powered, Portable Sirius Radio

    Ever get camp set up, and you go to turn on some jams, and you cant get fm radio, or wifi? Sure you could play some music stored on your phone, but that just drains the battery. I looked unsuccessfully for a solution, and decided to just make one! I scored a Sirius Radio, and purchased the...
  4. OutdoorTxs

    Slide out tray for "20" size cooler

    My teardrop trailer came with a coleman "fridge" that didnt cool very well, and used up alot of battery. So I pulled it out, an built this slide out tray to hold an RTIC 20 Cooler.
  5. NomadEffect

    Switched our Ford Escape for a FJ62 LandCruiser

    Hey All, I've been a massive observer of these forums for a while now and I feel the need to contribute some more. Last year we built out a little 2005 Ford Escape with the works and took it on a few month trip across the USA. We even installed OME suspension. We loved that experience so...
  6. BumpyTacos

    Hitch Mounted Recovery Point & Skid Plate

    So I’ve had this idea for a couple of weeks and thought of a few different ways of approaching it. I decided to make a hitch mounted skid plate to protect the receiver, but I also wanted a recovery point capable of accepting a shackle. I didn’t see anyone making one, so off to the drawing board...
  7. ManitobaTacoma

    Minimal tool DIY roof rack

    Currently working on a new roof rack. I don't have all the fancy tools so can't weld or bend tubing etc. But this is what I came up with. Built with nuts, bolts, self-tapping screws and basic materials.
  8. dhossk

    Homemade Dash Bar

    I've always liked the 67 Design's dash bar but I could never really justify paying the full price, it would have been close to $300 to have shipped to me. Now I didn't have the spare $300 kicking around, but I do have a welder and $20 for material to fab up my own.
  9. Wanderlost

    Another Drawer Build, This One's Easy Though

    We just finished up another storage drawer system yesterday! This one isn't near as elaborate as our last, but is super easy and inexpensive to build. Can't wait to put "stuff" in it. If you're interested, we produced a detailed video of its construction.
  10. W

    Pilot Platform

    First change from stock. Lift to be installed over the winter... Platform dimensions: 48”W x 73.5”L. Hinges are simply for securing the two halves. Pins pull and front platform slides on top of rear. Probably going for 2e 3”thick (24”x72”)Home Depot foam pad as mattress of choice. Don’t...
  11. gummybear

    2001 Jeep XJ build

    Hey guys, so I am starting my 97 XJ build today. I have owned this jeep for about 8 years now. I haven't done much with it since life has gotten in the way, deployments, moving, job etc but now I am selling my 2016 chevy Colorado to save some money. I am planning on using my Jeep as a daily...
  12. Hobie01

    DIY Fishing Rod Storage

    most of us camp near water pretty often and the more i go out the more I am motivated to fish and I wanted a way to store my fishing poles outside the car. I made this for some 20$ at the local ace hardware. Holds 3 rods. it's not the prettiest but it works super well. i have a soft case for my...
  13. Codebeagle

    Codebeagle's Family Adventure Trailer

    Greetings Overland Bounders! I'd like to introduce to you the crown jewel of my setup: the low-budget, multi-use utility adventure trailer. I bought this 5' x 8' enclosed utility trailer for $500 from my parents who had it custom built back in 2000. It has 50/50 barn-style rear doors, a...
  14. WellFuch

    DIY Inexpensive Quick Release Roof Cargo Box

    Just finished up this project this morning, and thought it was a good thing to share a how-to for. Our 2001 Cherokee is our purpose-budget-built camping vehicle, and we have made a bed platform for the back in order to be able to not add too much size and weight (and cost) with a RTT. The down...
  15. Aaron Niemi

    DIY Bluetooth Fridge Monitor

    Cost about $40 bucks in parts: 1 - Seeeduino (3.3v Arduino Clone) (Seeeduino 4.2 (CFAPN15062) from Crystalfontz ) 2 - DS18B20 Temp Sensors (One-Wire Temperature Sensor (WRDOWY17) from Crystalfontz ) 1 - BLE BluTooth Module ( ) 1 - 12v Buck Converter ( ) 1 - 5k resistor to pull-up the temp...
  16. Nickzero

    Jeep Wrangler - DIY Sleeping System Build

    (Nikko OB12727) I am deciding to share my sleeping platform system project I recently completed on my black 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport (JKU). A bit about our travels: I wont be linking many pictures since I have published a 3-part series of videos on our YouTube Channel. Please Subscribe to our...
  17. St8ton

    JKU Rear Seat Delete - Storage Platform

    Just finishing up my rear seat delete. After roughly 2 years of no one sitting back there I figured it was time to make better use of the space. And now that it's about done, I realize I should've done it long ago. Two storage cubbies access the underside of the platform along with open entry...
  18. RichieFromBoston

    DIY rebuilding your SUPERCHARGER

    This works on many twin screw blowers.
  19. RichieFromBoston

    Rebuilding a Supercharger.

    A lot of toyota owners have superchargers, and some of us(specifically) land cruiser 80 owners can no longer aquire a replacement unit from TRD anymore, So rebuilding them is pretty easy to do, and brings all moving parts back to new. easy peasy.
  20. Fozzy325

    Discovery4/LR4 3rd row seat conversion

    I'm Looking for anyone with experience or who has removed the 3rd row seat in the LR4 and replaced it with storage things or watertanks, etc.. Please find some ideas below. do you have any ideas or solutions?