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  1. Cypress

    Just another XJ Cherokee thread.

    I started out my exploring in a Suzuki Samurai that I built and drove for several years. It went through several iterations over those years. Huge tires, small tires, gear swaps, engine swaps, lockers, no lockers, racks, tire mounts, pretty much you name it. Samurai at its most built. Locked up...
  2. American Off-Road Club

    96 XJ "Sally"

    I had this build tacked on to my last build, however I feel like it was confusing... Got a new rig to build up, mostly with parts and pieces of my old one, which was made up of parts and pieces of other old ones.
  3. A

    Hello from Baja California Mexico

    Hello everyone, my name is Alberto, im 23 years old and im from Baja California, Mexico. I've always been an outdoors enthusiast, i like hiking, backpacking and mountain biking. I used to have an 05 golf gti as my daily driver, it was a pretty fun car to drive around but when i started to go...
  4. American Off-Road Club

    92 XJ Maxxine

    If you read this from the beginning, know that this is updated in real time, and updates will occour. I've been building my rig for about 3.5 years. I'll dig up the old pictures and show y'all where it all began. Every square inch of this thing has been touched. To add to that, every...
  5. M

    Steve, the great white Jeep!

    Hello everyone! I'm new on here and this is the story of my Cherokee Build.. Background: My name is Matt and I am currently living in Middle Georgia. I originally hail from the Northeast but due to the military I find myself down in the south now. In early 2018 I decided I wanted to build...
  6. Brad Smith

    2015 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Overland ideas

    Hi everyone, I am new to the overland community, I have a stock 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4x4 and looking for some ideas to go on regarding some basic improvements to get going with (I know its a never ending process). I haven't found any newer Cherokee model overland rigs, mostly 90s and...
  7. IronPappy

    Roof Rack for XJ (Jeep Cherokee) - North Alabama

    I'm in the process of buying my rig now, and I know I'm buying an XJ. I'm searching for a roof rack that an RTT can be mounted on (not sure if that means it can have sides, or if it means it must be flat). Doesn't have to be any particular name brand, but quality is a must. As always, any...
  8. roaminglost

    Roaming Lost Rig - 16' Jeep Trailhawk

    Hey y'all, new here so I figured id share my build for my first post.. Not sure if there are many Cherokee Trailhawks on here but I'm pretty stoked on how its coming along.. This was a collaborative effort. Sponsors are Front Runner, MFC Offroad, Smittybilt, 4Wheel Parts, Toyo Tires and RPM...
  9. Joshua Starling

    South GA, North FL Area OL

    Hi, first off I'm a new member to OB, I drive a 1998 Jeep XJ Classic, 4.oL I6, 4WD with around 265000 on it. I'm a Valdosta State University student and I work a full time job, so I don't have a lot of spare time. That being said I'm looking for other overlanders in the area, and of course local...
  10. Rubicon72

    1999 Jeep Cherokee Issues

    My wife called me today and said the vehicle died in the middle of an intersection. I left work and towed her back to my house with my JKUR. I tried diagnosing it but I am coming up blank and need your help. Symptoms: 1. The jeep wants to crank over but it doesn't sound like it is getting...
  11. HoneyBadgerXJ

    Need advice for Clutch Replacement. 96 Cherokee

    Hey everyone, so I just replaced the clutch in my 1996 Cherokee for the first time ever. I did a ton of research and made sure to follow through my Haynes manual as well while doing it. Everything seemed to go pretty well and it seemed easy enough. Just time consuming. However once I got...
  12. Varthn

    Hello from Az

    Hello my fellow Overlanders. My name is Bryan and currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been been off-roading my of my life but I am relatively new to the idea of overlanding. I found this group from the amazing youtube videos and fellow in love with the idea of camping way off the beaten...
  13. Amabob0

    DIY AWNING for $90 (ARB style awning) 9' x 9'

    Hello all, a few weeks ago i was on the fence about buying an ARB awning for my rig to help clear some space on the roof rack & cutting some weight by leaving the old ez up at home. Also, it seems like these awnings have the potential to give better shade when compared to any canopy because you...
  14. Chris Pettit

    2001 jeep Cherokee xj overland project

    My xj build thus far. I bought my jeep bone stock two years ago and put a zone 4 1/2 inch lift on. I had a bit of an accident with the rear hatch and quarter and then once I came back to Indiana I had a friend of mine help pull the damage out and then we mounted quarter armor over the damage...
  15. xcoburn

    Potential New Rig - Thoughts?

    Hey everyone, Looking at a 1982 Jeep Grand Cherokee Chief for sale nearby. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with an old Cherokee? It's got an inline-6, manual transmission and 4x4. My plans are to use it for moderate trail use (nothing insane, but potential rock crawling)...