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  1. sasquatchoverlanding

    Indiana Is For Beginners

    Almost 4 years ago I went from a Ford F-150 to a Toyota Tundra. When looking for parts to add to the Tundra then I came across Overlanding. I dove down this rabbit hole of adventure and started to do my research and planning of my rig. It was 2.5 years in and I went to a meet-up. I felt out...
  2. xcrunnerME

    Redarc or ...?

    Hello out there, Let me start by stating I'm a complete novice but we are doing a ton of research to get our ride ready for a 3+ month overland sabbatical. The question I'm looking for feedback on is between using a Redarc vehicle charging system with a solar panel or using an Inergy and...
  3. 804Tacoma

    First Time Overlanding in Colorado

    Hey all! Later on this year (in December 2020) I'm planning to take a solo trip out to Colorado for a week to do some trail riding and general exploring. I've not done too much overlanding before and would like to get some suggestions on beginner trails near the Boulder area. A simple Google...
  4. P

    2010 4Runner 139k Miles :: Need Help Questions and Answers

    Hey Everyone, I just recently joined the community as I have found myself on here a ton lately looking at builds and just so many amazing rigs on here. I am in the process of looking for a vehicle to start on. What are some things to look for as far maintenance before upgrading the suspension...
  5. Joshjeeplife

    This is the beginning!!!

    Leme start by saying hi I'm Josh and overlanding is all new to me. I've been a pretty confident outdoorsman my whole life but never done much offroading. I got a 1997 jeep wrangler for my first car!!! This thing is my baby, when I first got it I ripped it though just on back roads and my family...
  6. WellFuch

    First Snow Switzerland Trail - 10/14/2018

    Hey guys, getting new tires today and figured why not go check out the fresh snow! View Rally Point Details
  7. Edgar Laurie

    Hello from Western Pennsylvania

    Hi my name is Edgar I own a 2007 fj cruiser with a 3 inch lift with 33s I don't have much experience overlanding but I know I want to get more into it
  8. Justin D.

    Equipment for 2 Wheel Drive Rigs

    Hey everyone, first post here so let me know if I'm doing something wrong and I will gladly fix it. So due to me being a college student, getting rid of my current rig for a new one more appropriate to traditional offroading isn't really a viable option at the moment. As such, what are some of...
  9. OverlandChevy

    Favorite camping and easy off road trails.

    Hey there OB, Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for walk in, no reservation, or easy off road trails with camping in California. I have little to no experience off roading an am driving a stock 2017 4x4 Chevy Colorado.
  10. ELY-9999

    Gen3 4Runner Tops Parts and Performance Picks

    See Resources Below... My being new to the whole Toyota Platform, I found myself lost among the oceans of information available online and all I really need is some valid good direction on how to get: not only the right parts but quality as well. I also would like to know how to improve...
  11. Justin Roach

    2WD Overlanding

    Hey guys, new to the forum and wanted to get some advice on how to get into overlanding with just a 2WD Ford Ranger. I have a truck cap for it and have built a drawer system and platform bed to sleep on. I have planned out a 3 day trip up the east coast (I'm based in Maryland) but that is just...
  12. GEO_Fabi.Mhlr

    Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany

    Hey guys, I guess I'm one of the younger folks here. I started "Overlanding" with 17 with a 50ccm Mokick (max.45km/h), taking trips up to seven hours through back country roads avoiding any bigger streets. Later upgrading to a Suzuki GSX F from 1996 touring through Germany and using it as Daily...