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  1. andie42

    SOLD Northern Utah - Rebel Off Road Full-Height XPLOR Rack for 2020+ Jeep Gladiator - $999 - Pick-up Only

    We have been using this rack for about a year but just swapped it out for an RSI SmartCap. The rack has been covered during the time it was on our 2020 Jeep Gladiator. We made a vinyl soft shell for it for the rack is in excellent condition. No issues with it, the thing is a beast. Ultimately...
  2. C

    Putco adventure tec rack

    Hi All, Newbie here, i purchased a Putco adventure tec rack and while waiting on delivery i've been researching awnings. I'd like a 270 of some sort. My problem is i'm not sure if the rack & awning brackets will allow clearance over the cab as it is just below the roof line. Has any one else...
  3. W


    Expecting to receive my bed rack from Victory 4x4 in the next couple of days. I was wondering if anyone has this rack on a tacoma/colorado? Personally I have a colorado which requires different mounts as the rack was originally made for the tacoma. Please let me know if you have any tips for...
  4. OpsWest

    US Southwest FS: Los Angeles - Leitner Designs Active Cargo System 6.4 ft bed RAM 1500/2500/3500 PRICE DROP

    Leitner Active Cargo system (classic) for sale in Los Angeles, CA (near Glendale). Fits 2002-2020 RAM 2500 6.4 bed and other 6.4ft beds. Rack is Loaded with the following accessories i've accumulated over the past year: Active Cargo system (4) universal mounting plates all bolts mounting...
  5. Overland Ewack

    Third Brake Light install on the back side of bed rack recommendations

    I recently installed a rooftop tent on my bed rack on my Tacoma and it covers the third brake light. Its probably not a big deal but i was wondering if there was a good brand of light i could install at the back of the rack.
  6. Y

    Squirrel - 2017 Ram Rebel build

    I've made a few changes since purchasing the truck, November 2017 which are predominantly function tweaks. The next phase is capability within my requirements for the truck. This truck needs to do three things well. Chase Vehicle - My wife is an ultra-marathoner. During a 100 mile race, she...
  7. Delkat

    Bed Racks

    Wondering if people have opinions on bed racks for my ZR2 pickup. I have a RTT coming for Xmas and need to get a rack to mount it. I am leaning toward a 12" modular rack from CBI, Datin or Relentless. I like the idea of keeping the tent lower but maintaining some room to mount things on the...
  8. Cdaug

    Camper Shell/Overland Bars/Bed Rack?

    I drive a 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma (2013, Prerunner, 6ft bed) and the primary reason I do any extended camping/traveling with it is because I have an ARE camper shell. Before the camper shell, I had to get everything up in the cab before going out on a hike or leaving the campsite to have...
  9. C

    FOR SALE Thule Xsporter Pro

    Selling Thule Xsporter Pro height adjustable truck bed rack in black. Located in Centennial, CO 80112 Retails for $800. Asking for $550 cash only. Only installed/used for 8 months, from January 2018 until August 2018. Used to mount roof top tent on back of truck bed. All parts/mounting...
  10. Overland 5

    Truck bed rack compatible over trifold tonneau cover?

    Does anyone have a truck bed rack that is compatible with a trifold tonneau cover? I'm looking at: and I've reached out to both of them and learned the following: kbvoodoo...
  11. ChrispyChris

    Favorite truck bed setups with no topper?

    Hi, I was wondering what everyone's favorite setups are like for an open truck bed. Whether you have an RTT, bed rack, or whatever, I'd like to know your thoughts/preferences. I'm thinking of doing a crossbar kind of system to mount two Plano boxes to with a nice big kitchen box on the Tundra.
  12. cbechtold