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  • Glad to be. New Member.. I've heard nothing but good things about this forum and I'm looking forward to get new ideas from. Other members.
    Great to be here but have a issue, when purchasing my membership I meant to purchase a different package. How can I get this corrected?
    Trying to become a member and every time I do I'm stuck right after I try to add my choice to a cart. Just keeps saying my cart is empty and when I look up in the corner I'm not logged in. Please help. thanks.
    Hey Corrie,
    Just joined. How long is the process until I get full use of the forum?
    Thank you!
    (member #15066, I think)
    Hi Corrie
    Just wanted to drop in and say hi. It was nice to have met you guys at Overland Expo West. Glad I could help you out with getting that picture of you smiling that you always wanted!! lol. I was fun giving you a tour and I hope you were able to get some good footage. I hope your travels are going safe and I will see you guys in my neck of the woods for overland east.
    Mark ob#5005
    How can I register my membership on my profile?? Do I need help for that?

    Thx for follow up
    Let me know your Member Number, and we'll get you all set up!
    Question? Need help? Fastest way to get in touch with an Overland Bound team member is to send a quick email to info@overlandbound.com! :)
    Thanks for the follow corrie. Looking forward to getting my supporter package from you. Thanks for upgrading it since the 11st one didn't make it to me. You guys rock! Hopefully one day we will meet in person.
    Hey Corrie. Am I in 130. It's obviously outside the block you mentioned in the itinerary. Just checkin. Thanks.
    Yup. You're there. 130-132 are extensions of the main site. I'll update the doc!
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