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  1. andie42

    SOLD For Sale - Northern Utah - 23 Zero Peregrine 270 Awning Left-Hand Mounted with LST - $750 (Pick-up Only)

    23 Zero Peregrine Awning Left-Hand Mounted (US Drivers-Side) with Light Suppression Technology This awning was lightly used about three times. It works great; we don’t sit at camp long enough to make it worth hauling around. It would be great for a family who spends more time around camp. We...
  2. ryno9562

    FOR SALE Southeast (SC) - Tepui Kukenam 3 & Awning - $1400 - Local pickup

    Tepui Kukenam Explorer 3 & Smittybilt Awning for sale. $1300 for rooftop tent $150 for awning or $1400 for both. Here is the link to my Facebook post for more details.
  3. B

    Frontrunner slimline 2 with 23zero peregrine 180 awning

    Apologies in advance if this had been asked ad nauseam. Does anybody have a similar setup? I have a frontrunner slimline 2 rack and would like to purchase a bracket to work with the rack. Was wondering if this would work Bat Wing/Manta Wing Awning Brackets - by Front Runner for the 23zero 180...
  4. T

    FOR SALE Louisville KY: Like new Front Runner 4Runner Roof Rack with Awning, Table and Accessories

    4Runner (5th Gen) 3/4 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit ($1,025.00) MaxTrax Mounting Pin Set ($59.99) Quick Release Awning Mount Kit ($178.00) Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table ($557.00) Pro Table Under Rack Bracket ($79.95) Easy-Out Awning ($349.00) MaxTrax Black ($299.00) Recovery Device Flat Mounting...
  5. D

    FOR SALE - Overland Pros Wraptor 2000 Awning & Full Wall Set for Sale (Individual or as Package) - Used for only 3hrs

    Practically New Overland Pros Wraptor 2000 Awning & Full Wall Set for Sale (Individual or as Package) - Used for only 3hrs Set: $700 (plus shipping) Awning (only): $350 plus shipping ($447 value) Full Wall Set (only): $375 plus shipping ($422 value) Hey there! We are selling a practically...
  6. Rubicon JKU

    Cancelled Gobi Stealth Bracket for Batwing Awning

    Need Gobi Stealth Batwing Awning Brackets. Dual or Triple Support Kit preferred.
  7. ryno9562

    2003 Atomic Orange Nissan Xterra 4X4 Overland Build (Codename : Tigger) Picture Heavy

    So i finally decided to start a build thread on my Nissan Xterra. He is a 2003 Nissan Xterra XE 4X4 Auto in the incredibly rare Atomic Orange (only 993 ever built). At the time of purchase (February 2020) he only had 127,000 but kinda sorta neglected by the previous owners. I managed to scoop...
  8. TrailT

    FOR SALE - Raleigh, NC - WALLS for Darche Eclipse 180 Awning - $265 - Will ship if paid by buyer

    I'm selling the Walls for the Darche Eclipse 180 Awning. The walls are like new, only used on one camping trip. We like the walls and they're a perfect fit to the Darche Eclipse 180 awning, but we find that we just don't take them often for our style of overlanding.
  9. cgflyer

    SOLD SOLD - SmittyBilt Overlander Gen I RTT and Danchel Outdoors 270 deg Awning with sides $1300--Northern VA

    RTT is lightly used and in great shape, has all the accessories and the awning is brand new. The sides have never been taken out of the storage bag and awning has only been opened once since mounting on my Jeep. It can be mounted on either driver or passenger side, but when mounted on driver's...
  10. Acolle

    US Rocky Mountain For Sale - Denver, CO - Baja Rack Awning mount for flat racks (2 pieces) $50 | Shipping not included

    $50 New. Never installed. Baja Rack metal mounting brackets for mounting awning shorter than 82" (2 pieces per kit) on EXP and UT racks (Roof Top Tent). These mounts are not compatible with Foxwing awnings. NOTE: Please check the compatibility of the accessories for your rack model. By...
  11. bigearlmsp

    Awning and room ideas?

    I just installed my Putco Venture tec rack on my Silverado. Choosing to go with an awning and room for setup instead of the RTT for now. I'm interested in getting the 2000x2500 ARB awning with the room, but am not quite ready to pull the trigger yet. Anyone know if the awning would be tall...
  12. Embark With Mark

    Under $50 Overland Awning

    So last summer Helen and I got caught out in thunderstorm. The rain was coming down so hard that it soaked us after being outside for only a minute or two. Luckily I always carry a small tarp with me in my jeep no matter were we go. I was able to make something up using the trees near by, but...
  13. CurrentlyRockhoundin

    Telescopic Awning 1.0

    A photo is worth a thousand words, so I a video is worth at least 1250 words. So this is the first version of my telescopic awning and already I see changes and improvements I would like to make for the next one. Clearly welding vs hose clamps is going to happen but for testing this works fine...
  14. tjk775

    4Runner Camp/Explore build

    So i bought my little 4runner because I got sick of taking my car offroad for camping shooting and such. Bought it in June 2018 and she is coming together nicely. Besides the wheels, i got it 100% stock and garage kept. @GreatBasin_T4R
  15. R

    Fox Wing Awning with 2 tapered side extensions

    Rhino Rack / Oz Tent "Fox Wing" Awning and 2 tapered sides $600 Awning and extensions are in excellent condition. Always put away dry and stored in the garage. The sides can be attached to any 2 of the 4 edges of the awning. They can be pegged down to create privacy or protection from wind /...
  16. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD FourTreks Modular Awning Mounts

    selling a Pair of FourTreks awning mounts that was attached on my Yakima Roof basket (1inch dia.) to a ARB awning 2000. still excellent condition. $85 shipped! link is below on what i have. very similar! Modular Awning Mounts
  17. RickLB

    ARB awning and room

    Anyone have one? Likes, dislikes and best place to buy it?
  18. JersT4R

    Securing awning to the vehicle - security lock?

    I'm installing my 6.5' awning to the stock roof rack with 'L' brackets that came with it. My question is, what did you use to secure the awning to the vehicle to keep anyone from trying to steal it? Yes, we have issues in our neighborhood with car break-ins and I'm concerned that a few...
  19. Jacob Silberfarb

    SOLD ARB 2500 Awning - NEW (Opened) - SOLD

    Hi all, got an ARB 2500 awning for my rig and it was just too big. Got the 2000mm by 2500mm one instead and now have this one as an etxtra. Can ship if needed, also I attend the OB OC Meetup if you are local. Price: 230 USD OBO Location: Orange County, CA