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  1. 804Tacoma

    First Time Overlanding in Colorado

    Hey all! Later on this year (in December 2020) I'm planning to take a solo trip out to Colorado for a week to do some trail riding and general exploring. I've not done too much overlanding before and would like to get some suggestions on beginner trails near the Boulder area. A simple Google...
  2. M

    Help on my 2009 Silverado 5.3L build (and others' 2007-2013 silverado/sierra builds)

    Hello all! I recently bought a new (to me) 2009 Silverado 5.3L. I'm looking to make it an overland build. I previously had an old 4runner that I loved, but sold it to a friend who was in need of an adventuring rig and bought this thing to to also help with other parts of my life. I know that i...
  3. Amanda C

    CA Atlantic Canada Coffee and Donuts @ Tim Hortons

    The meet up would be a chance for overland Bound members and non members to meet for a coffee and donut in the Oshawa area on me!View Rally Point
  4. Ulysses

    Overland truck hire

    Hi folks, I’m an OB’r from down under and need some advice from my USA OB brothers & sisters. My wife and I did a road trip a few years ago around the southern states, hiring an SUV and buying some basic camping gear when we got there. It was great fun but we never really got off the main...
  5. Adventure Rooster

    10,000 miles with a messed up back?

    Hey everyone, This is my first post so hopefully, I do it right... I need some advice regarding a huge trip I have planned. My girlfriend and I are planning to drive from Denver to Prudhoe Bay and all around Alaska this coming summer when she graduates from college. We plan on driving around...
  6. Harmz32

    2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Build

    Hi everyone, I am starting a 2006 Land Cruiser overland build. I just found a super clean Cruiser with 160,000 miles. I will be working with Adventure Motors in Kansas City. They are a great company and give excellent service. I am pretty new to overlanding but I will be moving to Botswana and...
  7. Rogue Donkey

    Help: Atlanta to the Grand Canyon route and stops advice:

    Me and my family are going to take 7-10 days in November to drive from Georgia to the Grand Canyon and back. This will obviously be a tight timeline, so I will need a pretty direct route. What I am looking for is suggestions on routes, stops, recommended locations to park/camp for the night...
  8. Wanderlost

    Tips On Planning An Overland Adventure

    Hi Fellow Overlanders, We'd like to take a moment to share a video with you. A couple weeks ago we made an overland journey through a large portion of the public lands in Nebraska and South Dakota. In the video we talk about how we plan our trips and cope with "changes" in the plan...
  9. Boort

    What was the worst thing you purchased for your rig? Why?

    Good morning OB, I'm calling out to find what was the worst buying decision you ever made for your rig. I've read lots of posts and reviews on upgrades, dew-dads and things that we all add to our rigs. I'd like to know what was the item that you bought thinking that it would improve your rig or...
  10. J

    NEED HELP - ESC & MIL lights came on after repositioned RTT ???

    I have a 2014 Jeep JKU. My RTT was positioned towards the back of the Jeep. I repositioned RTT to the front of the Jeep and loaded up for a road trip. As we pulled out of the house the ESC and MIL lights came on. Vehicle drove fine, and still does. Repositioned tent back to it's original...
  11. OverLand Austy

    Any Toyota Land Cruiser 100 owners out there?

    Hey Guys, I bought a 1998 Toyota LC a few months ago and I'm pretty excited to get it looking like a proper expedition vehicle. I understand that it is a process and requires some research regarding parts, add ons, suspension, & storage systems. If anyone has any advice or willing to share...
  12. FrankRoams

    Last Minute Trip from OC to Las Vegas - Places to Explore?

    Hello all, A co-worker and I decided last minute to drive instead of fly to Vegas, to take advantage of the time to do some exploring. Anyone have any good spots to check out along the 15 hwy or maybe 66 (not sure we'll take this route)? Was already thinking of doing some trail around Calico...
  13. geekyadam

    LF build advice - fitting gear + kids + dogs

    Hi all. Long time listener, first time caller. Need some advice on a space problem with my truck. My girlfriend and I love car camping and I love taking my new 2017 Tacoma to the camp site. I'm eager to start taking longer distance camping trips, hopefully find some 4x4 trails to officially...
  14. Trailspin

    CALLING ALL DADS: Help My Son Experience Overland.

    Dads (and Moms) on OB - I've posted a bit of a preview of our adventure before, but this week marks the official countdown to our family's very special overlanding adventure. Hunt has a rare disease called mitochondrial disease or 'mito' for short. Once diagnosed, we were told he wouldn't walk...
  15. J

    Toyota Tundra and Tepui RTT - Need advice on racks

    Hey there. Looking to possibly pick up a 2015 Tundra 4x4 from a close friend, and would want to put a RTT over the cab (it's the Crew Max). In looking around, it does not appear that any of the main rack companies (FrontRunner, BajaRack) make a rack for the Tundras. Does anyone have a setup...
  16. dshirt

    Question about 1st generation Tundra

    I need some help from people more knowledgeable than me. I am considering buying a 1st gen Tundra access cab for Overlanding. My goal is to put a camper shell on it and sleep in back as I usually go out solo and am tired of sleeping on the ground. Now the dilemma, I have found a 2002 with...
  17. Boort

    Anyone have recommendations for Good quality Cloth seat covers?

    Hello all My 97 Tacoma with 300+k on the odo and the SR5 sport bucket seats, developed a wear hole in the back of driver's seat. Around here I can only seem to find neoprene or velour covers, one store had cloth but they were black/white/grey Real tree camo print and the other ones were old...
  18. FrankRoams

    Debating full size or FJ Cruiser

    I am not posting this thread to get a clear winner, I know ultimately this is base on my needs and only I can decide that. I am posting this to hear ideas, experiences, and maybe cautions. I want to hear what you love, what you would have done differently in retrospect. So here's where I am at...
  19. DiegoDA

    Anyone been to Daniel Boone National Forest?

    Hey guys, Planning a trip to Daniel Boone National Forest and wanted to see who has been out there? still relatively stock so nothing crazy but might just consider parking and hiking to the dispersed camp sites. any advice is appreciated.
  20. M

    Best (or at least possible) trailer for Chevy Tracker

    Forum noob here... Anyone pulling something like this (e.g., a TurtleBack trailer or similar) with a Chevy Tracker? Looks like it would be too heavy for the Tracker. Mine is a 2002, 4-door, 4wd. Rated for 1000 lbs...