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  1. Simon Wolfe

    OB License Plate?

    Thats sort of where the idea came from. I poked around and I guess license plate might not be the right name. it looks like rally number plate might be more correct.
  2. Simon Wolfe

    OB License Plate?

    There is that and they are cool.
  3. Simon Wolfe

    Who's stock, and not planning to gear up?

    Nice, they sure have come a long way.
  4. Simon Wolfe

    Itchin' for a group of Bay Area regulars

    I'm over is Sunnyvale. I was thinking of putting together a meet up some Saturday. There is a big empty lot by me with a Starbucks on the corner. Would anyone be interested in coming out, having coffee, checking out things folks have done to their rigs, and discussing future road trips?
  5. Simon Wolfe

    Who's stock, and not planning to gear up?

    Believe it or not, Oliver the Land Rover is pretty much completely stock, not bad for something from 1962. The only modification was to remove the propane system (done long before I got it). The upgrades that should happen are to the electrics It still has the 30 amp generator. That means...
  6. Simon Wolfe

    OB License Plate?

    Yeah, it might be a bit silly. But, the object is to make it easier to identify fellow members which would help with more Overland comradely , which could encourage more to join. OK, that's a bit far fetched but it is all in good fun.
  7. Simon Wolfe

    OB License Plate?

    I was walking up to Oliver the other day and noticed that my OB badge is cool but fairly small. Then I took a walk around Oliver, I have three OB stickers on Oliver one each side and the badge up front, and noticed that they were fairly small as well. This all got me thinking, I'm flying down...
  8. Simon Wolfe

    OB Approved So You Want To Be A HAM? (US Edition)

    Congrats on the General Ticket!!
  9. Simon Wolfe

    Overland Hound

    I like the cool doggy pack he has. I need to get one for Buster.
  10. Simon Wolfe

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I did what every overlander should do, Preventive Maintenance! Topped up the oil in the transfer box and rear dif along with an over all inspection as well as fixed a couple of small things. Oliver is good to go!. I was going to replace the muffler but it got a bit too warm in the driveway. As...
  11. Simon Wolfe

    OB Approved So You Want To Be A HAM? (US Edition)

    It is a lot of fun. You'll have a great time. Keep an ear out for AI6F, we are combining Field Day with a fire prevention event and will be operating out of our mobile command van. I hope to hear you on the air and meet you on the trail. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  12. Simon Wolfe

    OB Approved So You Want To Be A HAM? (US Edition)

    Congratulations!!! And just in time for Field Day! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  13. Simon Wolfe


    I like Overlanding on the cheap because working on the cheap usually means keeping it simple. All my gear is stuff I have scrounged modified or adapted to meet a need. If anything breaks I and usually fix it and if I can't I'm not out all that much. It is also fun to find things and then ask...
  14. Simon Wolfe

    Zello PTT App ?

    I had not heard of it until you mentioned it. I'm not sure about the usefulness while out on the trail but it is sure fun to play with around the house.
  15. Simon Wolfe

    What means of communication do you have available?

    My wife and I are both hams so we usually stick with 2m. I have a CB in the car and MURS programmed in a couple of old HTs that we drag around (I think one is starting to fail). We both have cell phones but coverage in got guaranteed.